Farm Happenings at Willow Haven Farm
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Farm Happenings at Willow Haven Farm

Are you a fan of HOT SAUCE? Try our new Buffalo Hot Sauce

Posted on June 30th, 2021
Hey Farm Stand Family, It may be sweltering hot outside, but that's ok, our new hot sauce is mild and tangy and won't burn you up even more! Made here at Willow Haven, our all Organic Buffalo Hot Sauce is sure to please your palette.  Did you know that this is in addition to our other homemade... read more »

Farm Tour and Pizza Night SOON! + Salmon Ravioli Sale

Posted on June 29th, 2021
First Harvest: Arugula. Lettuce and Radish return. The vegetables are getting heavier and you have great combinations to work with, especially for Stir-fry. We love it with snap peas and summer squash. ***If you planned box is on the small side, click to swap and customize. You can probably add another... read more »

Pizza Night & Farm Tour Happening Soon + Ravioli Sale!

Posted on June 26th, 2021
First Harvest: Arugula, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Beets. Lettuce and Radish return.  We had a brief pause in planting and weeding at the end of the week to work on project like building a seeding station for the fall crops, pouring concrete, and painting a room in the pack barn. But the intense... read more »

New products for your pantry + we still have Organic Strawberry Preserves

Posted on June 23rd, 2021
Our online Farm Stand Store keeps getting bigger and better.  This week we have added some new items for you to enjoy.  You really don't need to step inside a grocery store.  We can provide you with so many of your daily food needs right here.   This week, take a look at these... read more »

Picking in the Rain + more late spring veggies to enjoy this week

Posted on June 22nd, 2021
Farmer Reuben sent the crew out to the fields today to pick the greens so they'll be fresh for your farm shares. Even fresher since they were picked in the rain. Monday was quite warm but Tuesday cooled off so much that as the crew got wet they were coming back for sweaters and jackets. The Napa/chinese... read more »

First appearances of classic late spring veggies + plenty of extra veggies

Posted on June 18th, 2021
Farmer Reuben wants you to enjoy more variety of spring vegetables and herbs just before summer officially begins: beets, peas, broccoli, parsley and chocolate mint are in shares this week. You'll notice that some high value vegetables are available as EXTRAS this week. We want those who have farm credit... read more »

Organic Strawberry Preserves are here + Upcoming Farm Events

Posted on June 16th, 2021
There's a new item in stock for you... Willow Haven Farm has done it again- just for you, our amazing customers, we have our homemade, organic Strawberry Preserves ready for purchase. Take a look at all the other products in store for you this week. Don't get a weekly CSA box from Willow Haven this... read more »

Grab garlic scapes - only available in June!

Posted on June 14th, 2021
Farmer Reuben recommends trying garlic scapes this week.  Garlic Scapes are a treat that is only harvested for about 3 weeks each year. It's garlicky and can be used many ways.  Cinnamon Basil has classic basil flavor with the sweet aroma of cinnamon.  Garlic scapes are... read more »

Farmer Reuben recommends these veggies and a farm tour

Posted on June 12th, 2021
Farmer Reuben recommends trying: garlic scapes & anise hyssop this week.  Garlic Scapes a treat that is only harvested for about 3 weeks each year. It's garlicky and can be used many ways. View Garlic Scape e-book for more info. Anise Hyssop is an herb with a sweet, licorice flavor which is... read more »