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Farmer Reuben recommends these veggies and a farm tour

Posted on June 12th, 2021 by Tessa DeMaster

Farmer Reuben recommends trying: garlic scapes & anise hyssop this week. 

Garlic Scapes a treat that is only harvested for about 3 weeks each year. It's garlicky and can be used many ways. View Garlic Scape e-book for more info. Anise Hyssop is an herb with a sweet, licorice flavor which is delicious in tea, smoothies, ice cream, herb water and more. Cinnamon Basil has classic basil flavor with the sweet aroma of cinnamon. 

The farm tours are a great way to experience the farm, learn more about how your vegetables are grown and spend time with Farmer Reuben.  Last week Reuben showed off the water table in our nursery greenhouse which keeps hundreds of trays of seedling warm enough to grow and germinate in the winter. Seeing row upon row of growing vegetables amazed our group and they couldn't stop asking questions as they learned how we do it all. Join us for the next one on July 3. Register here

Enjoy cooking your veggies this week!  Thanks for supporting local food and local farmers!


We'll keep farming for you!

Farmer Reuben and Tessa

July 3 - Farm Tour at 1 pm - Register here
July 10 - Pizza Night 5 - 8 pm - Reserve here
August 7 - Farm Tour at 1 pm - Register here
August 14 - Pizza Night 5 - 8 pm - Reserve here

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