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If you want to support your local farmers and eat healthy but cannot commit to a full farm share season, you can use the FARM STAND to purchase veggies and farm made items. Once you sign up, you’ll continue to receive notifications when our Online Farm Stand is open for your order. 

Ordering is available Saturday - Monday every week.

You'll love the convenience of home delivery and eating organically grown, farm fresh food.

Your Farmers,
Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

About us

Eating healthy and eating more vegetables is so much easier when you join Willow Haven Farm to purchase your food. We organically grow your favorite vegetables in season and you get them straight from the field. It is easy for you to choose what goes in your box and schedule your delivery around your vacations. Add our artisanal cheese, sourdough bread, raw cheese, organic eggs and local fruit to feed your family even better. You'll make less trips to the grocery store and support a local farmer you can get to know. We've been raising nutritious and flavorful vegetables, breads and meats on our farm in Lehigh Valley PA for over 10 years so we can share our knowledge and experience with you as you learn to cook and eat from your box each week.

Willow Haven's Online Farm Stand is OPEN for Wednesday Deliveries

Posted on October 21st 2021 by Suzanne Williams

What is it that you need most this week?  Browse our Online Farm Stand  and Place you Order NOW for our popular products. What do we have in store for you? Farm Fresh Certified Organic Eggs Raw Milk and an assortment of Raw Cheeses Dried Pastas Raw Honey straight from OUR Farm....YUM! Did you know we can provide most of your protein... read more »

Bok Choy
Cabbage, Green
Chinese Cabbage
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Garlic, green
Garlic Scapes
Peppers, Hot
Lettuce, Green
Salad Greens
Onion, white
Peppers, Sweet
Potato, Yellow
Squash, Summer variety
Swiss Chard
Tomato, Slicing
Tomatoes, Cherry
Water Cress
Squash, Winter
Anise Hyssop
Summer Savory
Cucumbers, Pickling
Pea Shoots
Sweet Potato
Sweet Corn
Coffee, Howler Blend
Honey, Raw 1 lb
Preserves, Cherry
Leaf Fennel, herb
Dill Pickles
Flower Bouquet, Farmer Annika's seasonal choice flowers, 10-15 stems
Pastured Chicken, 23-24 lb Bulk Pack
Whole Chicken
Grass Fed Ground Beef Bulk Pack - 20 lbs.
Donation for Farmer's Hobby
Salmon Portions, vacuum sealed portions, 10 lb box
Pork, Bacon
Asian Greens
Cookies, Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip
Beef, Ground
Peppers, Sweet Colored
Bell Peppers, Green
Butter, Sweet Cream
Cabbage, Napa
Green Tomatoes
Jerusalem Artichoke
Lemon Balm
Maple Syrup, Dark, Quart
Mesclun Mix
Peppers, Banana
Peppers, Jalapeño
Paste Tomatoes
Pork Sausage, links
Potatoes, Red
Pork Sausage, loose
Salad Mix
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Kabocha
Squash, Spaghetti
Squash, Delicata
Zucchini, Green
Peppers, Poblano
Eggnog - Limited Holiday item
Hot Sauce
Bone Broth (Classic Stock), 32 oz.
Bone Broth (Roasted Stock), 32 oz.
Saucisson Sec, 3oz pre-sliced package
Cabbage, Red
Cookies, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter
Cookies, Mexican Hot Chocolate
Zucchini Bread
Sweet Potato Mini Pies
Cookies, Double Chocolate
Cookies, Ginger Molasses
Beef, Brisket (3.5lb)
Beef, Liver
Beef Burgers, 4 pack
Beef, Chuck Roast
Beef, Delmonico Steak (12 oz)
Beef, London Broil
Beef, Short Ribs (1.5 lb)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (0.5lb/small)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (1.5lb)
Beef, Stew Meat
Beef, T-bone Steak
Probiotic, Buttermilk
Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese
Probiotic, Kefir
Probiotic, Yogurt
Chocolate Yogurt Smoothie
Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
Raw Milk, Gallon
Raw Milk, Half gallon
Coffee, Barrel of Monkeys Blend
Coffee, Good Morning Monkey Blend
Canvas Bag
Cheese, Cheddar Block, 2.5 lbs.
Honey, Raw 8oz
Salmon, Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Pork Sausage, Maple Breakfast
Pork, Chops
Pork Sausage, Chorizo
Chicken Breast, 2 count
Chicken Drumsticks, 4 count
All-Purpose Flour, 5 lbs.
Bread, Country Sunflower Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Olive Rosemary Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Honey Wheat Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Power, frozen
Maple Syrup, Amber, Gallon
Bread, Pumpernickel Raisin Sourdough, frozen
Cheese, Raw Garlic Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Havarti
Cheese, Raw Pepper Jack
Cheese, Raw Gouda
Cheese, Raw Sharp Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Colby
Cheese, Raw Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Smoked Cheddar
Pizza Crust, 5 pack
Cheese, Blue Cheese
Cheese, Mr. Tomme's Wild Rind
Cherry Preserves
Pork Sausage, Hot Italian
Bread, Brioche
Bread, Brioche Rolls
Bread, Sunshine Gluten Free
Beef, Heart
Beef, Soup Bones (1lb)
Salmon, Traditional Smoked
Onion, Red
Mushroom, Portabella
Mushrooms, Cremini
Butter, Cultured
Lamb Loin Chops, 6 pack
Lamb Ribs
Lamb Shank
Lamb Leg
Lamb, Shoulder Roast (1lb)
Bread, Garlic Sourdough
Jacob's Cattle Kidney Beans
Apples, Golden Delicious
Chicken, Wings
Cat Treats
Dog Treats
Salmon, Sockeye Individual Portions
Salmon, Garlic Pepper Smoked, 4 oz.
Salmon, Smoked Salmon Ravioli
Salmon, Nova Smoked, 4 oz portion
Salmon, Smoked Salmon Spread
Pacific Cod Loins
Smoked Salmon Spread
Shrimp, Pink- peeled & deveined
Shrimp, Brown, shell on
Salmon, Spicy Salmon Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Garden Salmon Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Feta Dill Salmon Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Unseasoned Salmon Burgers (2 pack)
Onion, Yellow
Bread, Onion Rye Sourdough
Chicken, Bone-in Thighs
Apple Cider Vinegar
Pork, Kielbasa Links
Pork, Sausage Links
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham End
Pork Lard
Beef, Eye Round Roast (1.5 lb)
Beef, Oxtail
Beef, 5 pack Patties
Pork, Ground
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham Slices
Sweet Potato, approx. 2 lb container
Eggs, certified organic
Apples, Winesap
Beef, NY Strip Steak (10oz.)
Beef, Round Steak
Beef, Tongue
Apples, Crimson Crisp
Apples, Honeycrisp
Carrots, Purple
Apples, Pink Lady
Spinach, 4 oz. bag
Lettuce, Loose leaf 6 oz. bag
Baby Kale, 6 oz. bag
Chicken, Necks
Cheese, Vachetta
Cheese, Feta
Carrots, approx. 1.5lb bag
Insect Repellent Oil
Bugs at Bay Balm
Lime and Tangerine Lip Balm
Herbal Harvest Lotion Bar
Comfort Blend Lotion Bar
Deodorant, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil
Patchouli Perfume Oil
Sweet Earth Perfume Oil
Beef, Round Roast (4.5lb)
Beef, Knuckle Bones (large pack)
Pork, Tenderloin Roast
Pork Chops, pack of 2
Pork Sampler, small
Pork Sampler, Large
Red Potato Special - 4 quarts/ $10
Certified Organic Eggs Special- 4 dozen for $20
Honey Bear, Golden Nectar
Jam, Apricot & Long Hots, 8oz.
Jam, Sour Cherry Marmalade, 8 oz.
Jam, Blueberry Lime, 8oz.
Cut Comb Honey
Garlic Red Sauce
Summer Salsa
Chicken Barley Soup Mix
White Bean Chicken Chili Soup Mix
Blueberry Pancake Mix
Strawberry Tarragon Vinaigrette
Green Clay Lavender Bar
Geranium Citrus Bar
Gardener's Bar
Room & Linen Spray, Geranium & White Thyme
Room & Linen Spray, Citrus Garden
Tandi's Lip Balm, Herb Garden
Lettuce, 4 oz.
Baby Kale, 4 oz.
Apples, Goldrush
Apples, Stayman
Sweet Potatoes, approx. 2lbs.
Alaskan Pollock
Water Cress, 6 oz
Cheese, Fromage Blanc
Popcorn, Almond Toffee
Popcorn, Toffee
Popcorn, Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Coffee, 100% Honduras, ground
Coffee, 100% Guatemalan, ground
Granola, Honey No Nut
Granola, Chocolate Almond Cherry
Pickles, Philly Dilly Deli, 32 oz.
Pickles, Habanero Dill, 32 oz.
Jam, Apricot Lime, 8oz.
Candle, Peony
Candle, Vanilla Grapefruit
Candle, Espresso Bean
Room & Linen Spray, Lavender
Candle, Bayberry
Candle, White Tea
Candle, Lavender Citrus
Maple Syrup, Amber, Quart
Mixed Spring Greens
Transplants, Green Cabbage
Transplants, Chinese Cabbage
Transplants, Red Kale
Transplants, Broccoli
Transplants, Red Lettuce
Transplants, Bok Choy
Lamb, Ground
Lamb, Shoulder (3lb)
Lamb, Chops (1.5 lbs)
Lamb, Rib Roast (1.5 lbs)
Lamb, Leg (7.5lb)
Lamb, Leg 2 lb
Lamb, Leg 4lb
Lamb, Leg 4.5 lb
Lamb, Leg 5lb
Sweet Earth Lotion Bar
Lavender Lotion Bar
Citrus Breeze Lip Balm
Beef, Brisket (3lb)
Beef, Bolar Roast (3lb)
Flower Transplants, Salvia- Blue Bedder
Flower Transplants, Cosmos Versailles Mix
Flower Transplants, Cosmos Cupcake White
Flower Transplants, Cosmos, Double Click Bicolor Violet
Flower Transplants, Craspedia, Golden Drumstick
Flower Transplants, Carnation, Chabaud Mixed Color
Flower Transplants, Ageratum, Blue Horizon
Herb Transplant, Basil
Herb Transplant, Cilantro
Herb Transplant, Dill
Transplants, Cauliflower
Transplants, Kale Tuscano
Transplants, Nancy Leaf Lettuce
Transplants, Sun Peach Cherry Tomato
Transplants, Plum Tomato
Transplants, Defiant Medium Red Tomato
Transplants, Big Beef Large Red Tomato
Beef, Round Roast (2 lb)
Spice Rub, Classic Barbeque
Spice Rub, Mediterranean
Spice Rub, Southwestern
Spice Rub, Original
Welcome Summer Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Chicken BBQ Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Beef Night Memorial Day Box + Bonus bag
Classic Dogs and Burgers Memorial Day Box + Bonus bag
Appetizer Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Chicken, Feet
Chicken Hearts
Chicken Livers
Transplants, Green Pepper
Transplants, Eggplant
Beef, 4 pack Beef Patties
Chicken, Breasts (1.5lb)
Chicken, Leg and Thigh
Flower Transplants, Celosia
Beef, NY Strip Steak
Beef, Delmonico Steak
Beef, Tongue (2lbs)
Beef, Oxtail
Hot Dogs, 10 count
Green Onions
Chicken, Wings and Drumsticks (5 lbs)
Chicken, Breasts (2 lbs)
Small Beef Box
Large Beef Box
Chicken and Beef Box
Bread, Sunshine Gluten Free (13in. loaf)
Rolls, Brioche Hamburger rolls, 4pack
Bread, Onion Rye Sourdough
Mini Broccoli
Red Head Lettuce
Bread, Brioche Hamburger Rolls, 4 pack
Beef, Top Round Roast (3.8 lb)
Lamb, Rib Chops (2lbs)
Lamb, Livers
Lamb, Ribs 6 pack
Beef, Bottom Round Roast (3.5lb)
Beef, Flank Steak (2.5lb/3pk)
Beef, Round Cut Steak (1.75lb)
Beef, Liver (1lb)
Beef, Cubes
Red Leaf Lettuce
Lettuce, Speckled Amish Butter Head
Purple Basil
Lamb, Loin Chops, 6 Pack
Lacinato Kale
Land and Sea Father's Day Box
Grilling Out - Father's Day Box
Pork, Spare Ribs (1-1.5lb)
Pork, Smoked Shoulder Pork Steak (1lb)
Pork, Smoked Ham Steak
Turnip, Haikuri
Bread, Millet Hot Dog Buns
Bread, Millet Hamburger Rolls
Trail Mix, Hit the Trail All-Organic Trail Mix
Trail Mix, Organic Harvest Trail Mix
Juice, Orange Carrot Juice
Juice, Cranberry Blueberry
Juice, Apple
Jelly, Apple Hot Pepper
Chocolate Bar, Dark Whole Almond & Sea Salt
Chocolate Bar, Extreme Dark
Chocolate Bar, Dark with Mint
Chocolate Bar, Milk
Cinnamon Basil
Red Lettuce
Cinnamon Basil
Red Lettuce
Preserves, Organic Strawberry
Tortillas, Blue Corn
Tortillas, Blue Corn
Dressing, Greek Olive
Dressing, Creamy Ranch
Dressing, Honey Dijon
Tortilla Chips, Organic Corn
Pasta, Penne Rigate
Pasta, Shells
Pasta, Bowties
Pork. Picnic Roast (3.5lb)
Snap Peas
Chocolate Mint
Sour Cherries
Bread, Cheddar Basil Sourdough,
Granola, Maple Nut
Coffee, 100% Peruvian, organic ground
Coffee, Decaf House Blend
Fourth of July Picnic Box
Strawberries, Organic
Hot Sauce, Organic Buffalo
Cucumbers, Slicing
Squash, Yellow
Red Raspberries
Sweet Cherries
Collard Greens
Laundry Soap, Rosemary Mint
Laundry Soap, Unscented
Cucumbers, Lemon
Flowers, Dr. Seuss Bouquet
Beef, Knuckle Bones (medium pack)
Beef, Knuckle Bones, (small pack)
Beef, Cube Steak
Beef, Brisket (2.5lb.)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.5lb)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.7lb)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.3 lb)
Beef, Ranch Beef Steaks
Beef, Skirt Steak, small
Beef, Skirt Steak, large
Beef, Round Steak (1.25lb)
Beef, Bacon
Beef, Bacon (1lb)
Beef, Chuck Steak
Beef, Flank Steak (1lb)
Beef, Flank Steak (small)
Beef, Short Ribs (.75lb)
Beef, Short Ribs (1lb)
Beef, Tenderloin (1.7lb)
Beef, Chuck Roast (2lb)
Beef, Porterhouse Steak (2lb)
Beef, Porterhouse Steak (2.5lb)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (0.75lb/medium)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (1.25lb /large)
Summer Squash, Patty Pan
Duck, Whole Duck
Duck, Gizzards
Duck, Livers
Duck, Organ Hearts
Roma Beans
Chicken, Leg and Thigh Quarters
Zucchini, Eight Ball
Tomato, Medium
Sunflower, yellow
Sunflower, pink
Assorted Hot Peppers
Beans, Dragon Tongue
Elderberry Syrup, Spiced
Elderberry Syrup, Plain
Tomatoes, Roma
Beef, Round Roast (5lb)
Chicken, Hot Wing Portions
Tomato, Red
Sunflowers, Red/yellow Bi-color
Pork, Tenderloin (.5 lb)
Pork, Spare Ribs (2lb)
Asian pears
Pork, Baby Back Ribs
Tomatoes, Heirloom
Granola, Nut n' Fancy
Granola, Berry Coconut
Granola, Maple Nut (Frankferd Farm)
Coffee Beans, Regular Organic Beans
Coffee Beans, Dark Organic
Coffee Beans, Dark Organic
Pasta, Elbows
Apples, Empire (seconds, half bushel)
Corn, Sweet (Organic, seconds)
Bread, Cinnamon Raisin, frozen
Lettuce, Romaine
Cheese, Swiss 5lb block
Honey, Raw pint