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FARM STAND will open by 8 am Saturday and close at 7 pm Sunday. Orders are delivered the next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

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Willow Haven Farm

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About us

Eating healthy and eating more vegetables is so much easier when you join Willow Haven Farm to purchase your food.

We grow and deliver delicious, local food that fits your life. It’s a challenge to get to the farmer’s market every week but when you join the market box subscription you will always have the nutritious, local food you want for creating meals to feed your family. We organically grow and produce many of the foods in your box - the rest are from local farmers we trust. Customize your delivery with grass fed raw dairy, meats, eggs, brick oven bread, organic vegetables and flowers. You'll never miss the farmer's market again!

We've been raising nutritious and flavorful vegetables, breads and meats on our farm in Lehigh Valley PA for over 10 years so we can share our knowledge and experience with you as you learn to cook and eat from your box each week.

You'll make less trips to the grocery store and support a local farmer you can get to know!

June 28 launch

Posted on May 15th 2024 by Suzanne Williams

      Happy shopping! And don't forget, returning your ice packs and packaging each week helps us out! We'll keep farming for you! Reuben, Tessa, and the Willow Haven Farm Team Important Tips for Managing Your Farm Share: Check Your Preferences: Your farm share box will be filled with items based on your preferences. It's essen1 read more »

Arugula, WHF
Basil, Green
Beets, Red
Bok Choy
Broccoli (green/purple heads)
Cabbage, Green
Carrots, Seconds 2lb
Chinese Cabbage
Cilantro, WHF
Collard Greens
Dill, WHF
Eggplant, Purple Globe
Beans, Green
Garlic, green
Garlic Scapes
Peppers, Hot
Kohlrabi, 1 large green
Lettuce, Curly Green
Salad Greens
Onion, White
Peas, 1 lb
Peppers, Sweet
Potatoes, Yellow
Radish, Red, WHF
Spinach, 5 oz, WHF
Squash, Summer variety
Swiss Chard, Rainbow, 5oz.
Tomatoes, Slicing
Tomatoes, Cherry
Turnip, Purple Top
Water Cress
Watermelon, Red (Small)
Squash, Winter
Anise Hyssop
Summer Savory
Cucumbers, Pickling
Cauliflower, Medium Sized
Fennel Bulb
Pea Shoots
Sweet Potato
Sweet Corn
Coffee, Howler Blend
Honey, Raw 1 lb
Cheese, Monterey
Strawberries, non-organic
Preserves, Cherry (half-pint)
Leaf Fennel, herb
Fruit, Peaches- white
Apples, Early Gold
Dill Pickles
Flower Bouquet
Chicken, Leg Quarters (1.3-1.4LB)
Chicken, Whole
Grass Fed Ground Beef Bulk Pack - 16lbs.
Donation for Farmer's Hobby
Salmon Portions, vacuum sealed portions, 10 lb box
Pork, Bacon, Cured WHF
Asian Greens, 5 oz.
Cookies, Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip
Beef, Ground (0.9-1.0lb)
Peppers, Sweet Colored
Peppers, Green
Blueberries, Pint, Non organic
Butter, Sweet Cream
Cabbage, Napa
Tomatoes, Green
Jerusalem Artichoke
Lemon Balm
Maple Syrup, Dark, Quart
Mesclun Mix
Pears, Bosc
Peppers, Banana
Peppers, Jalapeño
Tomatoes, Paste
Pork Sausage, links
Potatoes, Red
Pork Sausage, loose
Salad Mix
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Kabocha
Squash, Spaghetti
Squash, Delicata
Zucchini, Green
Peppers, Poblano
Eggnog - Limited Holiday item
Hot Sauce
Bone Broth (Classic Stock), 32 oz.
Bone Broth (Roasted Stock), 32 oz.
Saucisson Sec, 3oz pre-sliced package
Cabbage, Red (small)
Cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, (5pk)
Cookies, Mexican Hot Chocolate
Zucchini Bread
Sweet Potato Mini Pies
Cookies, Double Chocolate
Cookies, Ginger Molasses (5pk)
Beef, Brisket (4.5lb)
Beef, Liver
Beef Burgers, 4 pack
Beef, Boneless Chuck Roast (1.9-2.2lb)
Beef, Delmonico Steak (12 oz)
Beef, London Broil (3lb)
Beef, Short Ribs (1.5 lb)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (0.5lb)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (1.5lb)
Beef, Prime Cubes (1.2-1.5lb)
Beef, Prime T-bone Steak (10-13 oz)
Probiotic, Buttermilk (pint)
Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese
Probiotic, Kefir (Pint)
Probiotic, Yogurt
Blackberry Yogurt Smoothie
Honey Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie (FH)
Raw Milk, Gallon (Flint Hill)
Raw Milk, Half Gallon (Flint Hill)
Coffee, Barrel of Monkeys Blend
Coffee, Good Morning Monkey Blend
Canvas Bag
Cheese, Raw Cheddar Block, 2.5 lbs.
Honey, Raw, half pint
Salmon, Sockeye Filet (1.5lb)
Pork, Maple Breakfast Sausage (Links)
Pork, Chops, Bone in (1.5-1.8lbs)
Pork, Chorizo Sausage
Chicken, Breast (Boneless /Skinless)
Chicken, Drumsticks (1.5-1.7lb)
Flour, Rye ORG, 3lbs.
Bread, Country Sunflower Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Olive Rosemary Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Honey Wheat Sourdough, frozen
Bread, Power Sourdough, frozen
Maple Syrup, Amber, Half Gallon
Bread, Pumpernickel Raisin Sourdough, frozen
Cheese, Raw Garlic Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Havarti
Cheese, Raw Pepper
Cheese, Raw Gouda
Cheese, Raw Sharp Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Colby
Cheese, Raw Cheddar
Cheese, Raw Smoked Cheddar
Pizza Crust, 5 pack
Cheese, Blue Cheese
Goat Cheese, Chevre, Fresh Plain
Preserves, Sweet Cherry
Pork, Hot Italian Sausage
Bread, Brioche, frozen
Bread, Brioche Rolls
Bread, Sunshine Gluten Free, frozen
Beef, Heart (5.5lb)
Beef, Soup Bones (2-3 lbs)
Salmon, Traditional Smoked
Onion, Red
Mushroom, Portobello
Mushrooms, Cremini
Butter, Cultured
Lamb Loin Chops, 6 pack
Lamb Ribs
Lamb Shank
Lamb Leg
Lamb, Shoulder Roast (1lb)
Bread, Garlic Sourdough, frozen
Jacob's Cattle Kidney Beans
Apples, Golden Delicious
Chicken, Wings (1.5-1.8lb)
Cat Treats
Dog Treats
Salmon, Sockeye Individual Portions
Salmon, Garlic Pepper Smoked, 4 oz.
Salmon, Smoked Ravioli
Salmon, Nova Smoked
Salmon, Smoked Spread, 8oz.
Pacific Cod Loins
Smoked Salmon Spread
Shrimp, White- peeled & deveined
Shrimp, Brown, shell on
Scallops, 30/40 Weathervane
Salmon, Spicy Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Garden Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Feta Dill Burgers (2 pack)
Salmon, Unseasoned Burgers (2 pack)
Onion, Yellow
Bread, Onion Rye Sourdough, frozen
Chicken, Thighs
Apple Cider Vinegar
Pork, Kielbasa (13/14oz)
Pork, Sausage Links
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham End
Pork Lard
Beef, Eye Round Roast (1.5 lb)
Beef, Oxtail
Beef, 5 pack Patties
Pork, Ground
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (1.7-1.9 lb WHF)
Sweet Potato, approx. 2 lb container
Eggs, certified organic
Apples, Winesap
Beef, NY Strip Steak (10oz.)
Beef, Black Angus Round Steak (1lb - 1lb, 3oz)
Beef, Tongue (2.2-2.6lb)
Apples, Crimson Crisp
Apples, Honeycrisp
Carrots, Purple, 1.5 lb
Apples, Pink Lady
Spinach, 7 oz.
Lettuce, Loose leaf 6 oz. bag
Baby Kale, 6 oz. bag
Chicken, Necks and Backs (4.5-5.2lb)
Cheese, Vachetta
Cheese, Feta
Carrots, approx. 1.5lb bag
Insect Repellent Oil
Bugs at Bay Balm
Lime and Tangerine Lip Balm
Herbal Harvest Lotion Bar
Comfort Blend Lotion Bar
Deodorant, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil
Patchouli Perfume Oil
Sweet Earth Perfume Oil
Beef, Round Roast (4.5lb)
Beef, Knuckle Bones (large pack)
Pork, Tenderloin (1.2-1.3lb)
Pork, Chops, Bone-in (1.3-1.4lb WHF)
Pork Sampler, small
Pork Sampler, Large
Red Potato Special - 4 quarts/ $10
Certified Organic Eggs Special- 4 dozen for $20
Honey Bear, Golden Nectar
Jam, Strawberry
Jam, Sour Cherry
Conserve, Fig and Honey
Cut Comb Honey
Garlic Red Sauce
Shrub, Spiced Vanilla Pear 25oz
Chicken Barley Soup Mix
White Bean Chicken Chili Soup Mix
Pancake Mix, Blueberry
Vinaigrette, Strawberry Tarragon
Soap, Green Clay Lavender Bar
Soap, Geranium Citrus Bar
Soap, Gardener's Bar
Room & Linen Spray, Geranium & White Thyme
Room & Linen Spray, Citrus Garden
Tandi's Lip Balm, Herb Garden
Lettuce, 4 oz.
Baby Kale, 4 oz.
Apples, Goldrush
Apples, Stayman
Sweet Potatoes
Alaskan Pollock
Cheese, Philly Fromage (cow)
Spice, Everything Blend, ORG
Spice, Paprika, Ground ORG
Spice, Mustard Seed, Whole ORG
Coffee, 100% Honduras, ground
Coffee, 100% Guatemalan, ground
Granola, Honey No Nut
Granola, Chocolate Almond Cherry
Pickles, Philly Dilly Deli, 32 oz.
Pickles, Habanero Dill, 32 oz.
Chutney, Ginger Peach
Candle, Peony
Candle, Vanilla Grapefruit, 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Candle, Espresso Bean
Room & Linen Spray, Lavender
Candle, Bayberry
Candle, White Tea
Candle, Lavender Citrus
Maple Syrup, Amber, Quart
Lettuce, Mixed Spring Greens
Transplants, Green Cabbage
Transplants, Chinese Cabbage
Transplants, Red Kale
Transplants, Broccoli
Transplants, Red Butterhead Lettuce
Transplants, Bok Choy
Lamb, Ground
Lamb, Shoulder (3lb)
Lamb, Loin Chops (1.2-1.4bs)
Lamb, Chops (1.7 lbs)
Lamb, Chops, Rib (15oz)
Lamb, Leg 2.2 lb
Lamb, Leg 3.5lb
Lamb, Leg (4.3-4.5lb)
Lamb, Leg (2-2.3lb)
Sweet Earth Lotion Bar
Lavender Lotion Bar
Citrus Breeze Lip Balm
Beef, Black Angus Brisket (9.82lb)
Beef, Chuck Roast (2.6lb)
Flower Transplants, Salvia- Blue Bedder
Flower Transplants, Cosmos Versailles Mix
Flower Transplants, Cosmos Cupcake White
Flower Transplants, Cosmos, Double Click Bicolor Violet
Flower Transplants, Craspedia, Golden Drumstick
Flower Transplants, Carnation, Chabaud Mixed Color
Flower Transplants, Ageratum, Blue Horizon
Herb Transplant, Green Basil
Herb Transplant, Cilantro
Herb Transplant, Dill
Transplants, Cauliflower
Transplants, Kale Lacinato
Transplants, Nancy Leaf Lettuce
Transplants, Sun Peach Cherry Tomato
Transplants, Plum Tomato
Transplants, Defiant Medium Red Tomato
Transplants, Large Red Tomato
Beef, Round Roast (2.2lb)
Spice, Chili Powder, ORG
Spice, Rosemary Leaf, ORG
Spice, Southwestern Rub
Spice, Original Rub
Welcome Summer Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Chicken BBQ Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Beef Night Memorial Day Box + Bonus bag
Classic Dogs and Burgers Memorial Day Box + Bonus bag
Appetizer Memorial Day Box + Bonus Bag
Chicken, Feet
Chicken, Hearts, (0.7-0.9lb)
Chicken, Livers, (11oz)
Transplants, Bell Pepper
Transplants, Eggplant
Beef, 4 pack Beef Patties
Chicken, Breast - Boneless/Skinless (12oz)
Chicken, Leg and Thigh (1.4-1.7lb)
Flower Transplants, Celosia
Beef, NY Strip Steak, (8-9oz)
Beef, Prime Delmonico Steak (6-6.7oz)
Beef, Tongue (2lbs)
Beef, Oxtail (2.2lb)
Hot Dogs
Green Onions
Chicken, Wings (2.8-3.1LB)
Chicken, Ground
Small Beef Box
Large Beef Box
Chicken and Beef Box
Bread, Sunshine Gluten Free (13in. loaf)
Rolls, Brioche Hamburger rolls, 4pack
Bread, Onion Rye Sourdough
Red Head Lettuce
Bread, Brioche Hamburger Rolls, 4 pack
Beef, Chuck Roast (4.1lb)
Lamb, Rib Chops (2lbs)
Lamb, Livers
Lamb, Ribs 6 pack
Beef, Round (1lb6oz)
Beef, Flank Steak (0.8lb)
Beef, Black Angus Round Steak (1lb 10 oz)
Beef, Liver (11oz)
Beef, Cubes
Red Leaf Lettuce
Lettuce, Speckled Amish Butter Head
Basil, Purple
Lamb, Loin Chops, 6 Pack
Kale, Lacinato
Land and Sea Father's Day Box
Grilling Out - Father's Day Box
Pork, Spare Ribs (1.79lb)
Pork, Smoked Shoulder Pork Steak (1lb)
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (1.2-1.6 lb WHF)
Turnip, Hakurei
Bread, Millet Hot Dog Buns
Bread, Millet Hamburger Rolls
Hit the Trail Mix
Trail Mix, Organic Harvest Trail Mix
Juice, Orange Carrot Juice
Juice, Cranberry Blueberry
Juice, Apple
Jelly, Apple Hot Pepper
Chocolate Bar, Dark Whole Almond & Sea Salt ORG
Chocolate Bar, Extreme Dark
Chocolate Bar, Dark with Mint Crunch ORG
Chocolate Bar, Milk ORG
Cinnamon Basil
Red Lettuce
Basil, Cinnamon
Red Lettuce
Preserves, Organic Strawberry
Tortillas, Blue Corn (Frozen)
Tortillas, Blue Corn
Dressing, Greek Olive
Dressing, Creamy Ranch
Dressing, Honey Dijon
Tortilla Chips, Organic Corn
Pasta, Penne Rigate
Pasta, Shells
Pasta, Bowties
Pork. Boneless Butt Roast (2.0 lb)
Snap Peas
Chocolate Mint
Sour Cherries
Bread, Cheddar Basil Sourdough, frozen
Granola, Maple Nut
Coffee, 100% Peruvian, organic ground
Coffee, Decaf House Blend
Fourth of July Picnic Box
Strawberries, Organic
Hot Sauce, Organic Buffalo
Cucumbers, Slicing
Squash, Yellow
Red Raspberries, half pint
Sweet Cherries
Collard Greens
Laundry Soap, Rosemary Mint
Laundry Soap, Unscented
Cucumbers, Lemon
Flowers, Dr. Seuss Bouquet
Beef, Knuckle Bones (medium pack)
Beef, Knuckle Bones, (small pack)
Beef, Cube Steak
Beef, Prime Brisket (2.8lb)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.5lb)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.7lb)
Beef, Tenderloin Steak (0.3 lb)
Beef, Ranch Steaks (0.5-0.69 lb)
Beef, Skirt Steak (1.1lb)
Beef, Skirt Steak (1.3lb)
Beef, Round Steak (1.25lb)
Beef, Bacon
Beef, Bacon (1lb)
Beef, Black Angus Chuck Steak (13-15oz)
Beef, Flank Steak (1.0-1.2lb)
Beef, Flank Steak (small)
Beef, Short Ribs (.75lb)
Beef, Short Ribs (2lb)
Beef, Tenderloin (1.6lb)
Beef, Black Angus Chuck Steak (9-10oz)
Beef, Porterhouse Steak (1.3lb)
Beef, Porterhouse Steak (2.5lb)
Beef, Black Angus Sirloin Steak (1.0-1.2lb)
Beef, Prime Sirloin Steak (1.0lb)
Squash, Patty Pan
Duck, Whole Duck
Duck, Gizzards
Duck, Livers
Pork, Heart, 12oz.
Roma Beans
Chicken, Leg and Thigh Quarters
Zucchini, Eight Ball
Tomatoes, Medium
Sunflower, Yellow
Sunflower, Pink
Peppers, Assorted Hot
Beans, Dragon Tongue
Elderberry Syrup, Spiced
Elderberry Syrup, Plain
Tomatoes, Plum
Beef, Round Roast (5lb)
Chicken, Hot Wing Portions
Tomatoes, Red
Sunflowers, Red/yellow Bi-color
Pork, Tenderloin (1lb 4/5oz)
Pork, Country Style Boneless Ribs (1.7-1.9lb)
Pears, Asian
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (2.6lb)
Tomatoes, Heirloom
Granola, Nut n' Fancy
Granola, Berry Coconut
Granola, Maple Nut
Coffee Beans, Regular Organic Beans
Coffee Beans, Dark Organic
Coffee Beans, Dark Organic
Pasta, Elbows (small)
Apples, Empire (seconds, half bushel)
Corn, Sweet (Organic, seconds)
Bread, Cinnamon Raisin, frozen
Lettuce, Romaine, WHF
Cheese, Swiss 5lb block
Honey, Raw pint
Bread, Walnut, frozen
Apples, Mix (seconds, half bushel)
Apples, Fuji
Apples, Winesap (seconds, half bushel)
Italian Honey Wheat Bread
Bread, Italian Honey Wheat
Beef, Tenderloin (0.5 lb)
Mustard Greens
Mustard Greens
Purple Sweet Potatoes, Muraski SALE!
Kale, Red Russian, WHF
Radish, Black
Red Potatoes, Small
Potatoes, Fingerling
Potatoes, Yukon Gold
Cheese, Alpine, aged raw, 5-6 oz
Cheese, Tulip (Gouda)
Truffle Salami
Potatoes, Blue Adirondak
Pork, Boneless Butt Roast (2.7-2.9lb)
Pork, Sweet Italian Sausage
Pork, Boneless Loin Roast, (1.5-2.2lb)
Pork, Smoked Jowl Bacon
Pork, Country Sausage (WHF)
Cheese, Ricotta
Pork, Cured, Bone-in Ham (4.5lb)
Pork, Ham - Uncured Smoked (4.3 lb)
Pork, Ham - Uncured Smoked (3.3-3.4 lb)
Pork, Ham - Uncured Smoked (2.4-2.8 lb)
Stollen, German Holiday Braid
Stollen, German Holiday Bread (loaf)
Honey, Raw, pint
Honey, Raw, half pint
Chicken, Livers (2.7lb package)
Steak, Flat Iron (0.4lb)
Pancake Mix, Seven-Grain,, Low-Gluten
Swiss Chard, WHF
Dandelion Greens
Shiitake Mushroom Soup Mix
Jam, Blackberry
Shrub, Ginger Lemon 13oz
Room & Linen Spray, Winter Mint
Room & Linen Spray, Fir Needle
Soap, Almond Cream Bar
Soap, Lavender Milk Bar
Soap, Honey, Milk, & Oats Bar
Tandi's Lip Balm, Mint & Grapefruit
Apples, Granny Smith
Ginger, fresh
Turnip, Scarlet
Turnip, Scarlet
Garlic Powder
Ginger Powder
Marmalade, Kumquat Ginger
Marmalade, Lemon Ginger
Ginger Beer
Apple Ginger Butter, Half pint
Bread, Carmelized Onion Sourdough, frozen
Mushrooms, Lion's Mane
Mushrooms, Wine Cap, 1/2lb
Beef Sausage (w/Lamb) 1 lb
Beef, London Broil (2.7lb)
Beef, Eye Round Roast
Beef, Marrow Bones
Beef, Kidney
Beef, Chip Steak
Beef, Kabobs
Mushrooms, King Trumpet
Bread, Ancient Grain Sourdough, frozen
Sweet Chili Ginger Sauce
Turmeric Powder
Rosemary & Spearmint Lip Balm
Soap, Lavender & Chamomile
Soap, Sweet Earth
Raw Goat Milk
Bread, Pizza Dough (frozen)
Jewelweed Salve
Fire Cider
Elderberry Syrup
Flower Transplant, Aster Giants of California
Flower Transplant, Statice Pacific Strain
Flower Transplant, Marigold, Falcon yellow
Flower Transplant, Marigold, Narai Orange
Flower Transplant, Zinnia, Queen Lime
Flower Transplant, Zinnia, Oklahoma Mix
Flower Transplant, Zinnia, Benary's Giant Mix
Flower Transplant, Zinnia, Art Deco
Preserves, Cherry, Pint
Vinaigrette, Shiitake Sesame
mint chocolate bar
Mushrooms, Chestnut
Super Trail Mix
GF Flour, Organic Buckwheat (4lbs)
Flour, Whole Wheat Bread Flour ORG (4lbs)
Dry Beans, Kidney Beans
Dry Beans, Garbanzo Beans
Dry Beans, Green Lentils (2lbs)
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (Dutch Valley Farm)
Organic Sugar (4 lbs)
Transplants, Ninja Peppers
Transplants, Escamillo Yellow Sweet Peppers
Transplants, Cornito Red Peppers
Transplants, Swiss Chard
Transplants, Pickling Cucumbers
Transplants, Spinach
Transplants, Parsley
Transplant, Green Butterhead Lettuce
Transplants, Pink Brandywine Tomato
Transplants, Orange Chef's Choice Tomato
Transplants, Moskvich Tomato
Transplants, San Marzano (Paste) Tomato
Transplants, Black Prince Tomato
Transplants, Mountain Magic Red Tomato
Transplants, Cherokee Purple Tomato
Transplants, Black Cherry Tomato
Transplants, Mountain Fresh Large Red Tomato
Transplants, Galahad Red Tomato
Cheese, Chevre, Plain
Flower Transplant, Dahlia
Flower Transplant, China Aster
Flower Transplant, Agrostemma
Lettuce, Red Butterhead (WHF)
Lettuce, Butterhead
Coffee Beans, Burton Dark Roast
Coffee Beans, Half Caff
Coffee Beans, Interminable Decaf
Coffee, Burton S-Cups
Coffee, Decaf S- Cups
Cherry Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie
Kale, Tuscano
Squash, Summer
Preserves, Strawberry Rhubarb
Flowers, Mini Bouquet
Beard Oil, Bay Rum and Citrus
Chocolate Bar, Total Eclipse Dark ORG
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie
Honey, Wildflower, Light
Mushrooms, Shiitake
Snow Peas
Chicken, Soup Bones (1.9-2.3lb)
Chicken, Legs
Chicken, Thighs
Chicken, Wings
Chicken, Breasts (Skin-on, Bone-in)
Chicken, Necks and Backs for Stock
Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
Flour, Stone Ground Whole Wheat with Bran
Rye Berries
Rolled Oats
Flour, Stone Ground Rye
Flour, White Whole Wheat
Pole Beans
Chicken, Whole WHF(3.5-4.2lb)
Pickling Cucumbers, 10 lbs
Eggplant, Japanese
Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax
Pork, Hock (2.7lb WHF)
Pork, Boneless Ribs (2.09-2.28lb)
Pork, Boneless Ribs (2.4lb)
Pork, Country Style Bone-in Ribs (1.3-1.8lbs)
Pork, Bone-in Picnic Roast (2.85lbs)
Peach Yogurt Smoothie
Dill Heads
Fruit, Peaches, Non-Organic
Eggplant, Striped
Cheese, Bloomer (Brie)
Kombucha, Strawberry Basil
Kombucha, Switchback (Ginger, Hops, and Lemon)
Kombucha, Jaunt (Honey Oregano)
Coffee Beans, BNB Breakfast Medium
Honey, 1lb
Sunflowers, Orange
Pure Lard
Pork, Breakfast Sausage
Pork, Scrapple, single slice
Pork, Beer Bratwurst
Pork, Uncured Franks
Tomatoes, Mixed Colored
Cherry Yogurt Smoothie
Tomatoes, Red seconds
Tomatoes, San Marzano paste, seconds
Apples, Ginger Gold
Powdered Laundry Detergent, Unscented
Powdered Laundry Detergent, Forest Mist
Powdered Laundry Detergent, Citrus Grove
Powdered Laundry Detergent, Herb Garden
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Unscented
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Forest Mist
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Citrus Grove
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Herb Garden
Hand and Dish Soap, Forest Mist
Hand & Dish Soap, Citrus Grove (reusable pump)
Hand & Dish Soap, Herb Garden (reusable pump)
Linen and Room Spray, Forest Mist
Linen and Room Spray, Citrus Grove
Linen and Room Spray, Herb Garden
Wooly Dryer Balls, 2 pack
Maple Syrup, 12 oz bottle
Maple Syrup, 1 pint jar
Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 oz. (EDEN)
Raspberry Salsa
Shrub, Cherry Amaretto13oz
Espresso Yogurt Smoothie
Kombucha, Pink Lemonade
Kombucha, Black Raspberry
Kombucha, Peach Sage
Pork, Uncured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (2.0-2.3lb WHF)
Pepper, Serrano Hot
Cleaning Spray, Citrus Grove (w/ reusable sprayer)
Cleaning Spray, Herb Garden (w/ reusable sprayer)
Pork, Cured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (2.2.-2.5lb WHF)
Apples, Gala
Pork, Boneless Loin Roast (2.0-2.8lb)
Pork, Boneless Loin Roast (3lb)
Pork, Hock, Uncured (2.3-3.0 lb WHF)
Pork, Bone-in Picnic Roast (3.5 - 3.8lb)
Pork, Bone-in Picnic Roast (4.8lb)
Pork, Cured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (2.6-2.8lb WHF)
Soap, Lavender Goat Milk
Soap, Lavender Balsam
Soap, Lavender
Apple Cider Yogurt Smoothie
Lavender Cream
Lavender Lip Balm
Lavender Deodorant
Lavender Lotion
Lavender Lotion Stick
Gala Apples, (Half bushel)
Peppers, Habanero
Spiced Peach Butter
Spiced Peach Cranberry Butter
Dried Flower Spray with Ribbon (pink & white)
Dried Flower Spray with Ribbon (dusty red)
Dried Flower Spray with Ribbon (orange & purple
Cinnamon Honey Yogurt Smoothie
Yogurt, Maple 32oz ORG
Transplant, Elderberry
Dried Flower Spray (Sunflowers)
Dried Wheat Sheath
Dried Flower Bouquet
ORGANIC Sweet Corn
Bean, Yellow
Beans, Yellow
Pepper, Cayenne
Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Smoothie
Apples, Northern Spy
Apples, Empire
Yogurt, Vanilla 32oz ORG
CLEARANCE, Dried Herb Spray, Plaid Bow
Dried Herb Spray, Plaid/Green Bow
CLEARANCE, Dried Herb Spray, Plaid/Orange Bow
Dried Flower Bouquet, Pink & Yellow
Dried Flower Bouquet, Dusty Red & Purple
Dried Flower Bouquet, Dusty Red, Yellow, Blue
Dried Flower Bouquet, Red & Purple
Dried Flower Bouquet, Pink, White, Blue
Apples, Jonagold
Jonagold Apples, (half bushel)
Golden Delicious, (half bushel)
Beef, Ground Dairy Beef
Dried Flower Wreath
Pork, Smoked Bacon, Uncured, WHF
Candle, Lavender; Soy 6 oz
Soap, Lavender Rosemary
Sour Cherry Lavender Fruit Spread
White Lavender Balsamic Vinegar
Beef, Heart (3.2lb)
Pork, Country Sausage (Stryker Farm)
Pork, Chorizo
Beef, Prime Shin Bone (11-15oz)
Beef, Prime Shin Bone (1-1.2lb)
Beef, Shin Bone (2lb)
Beef, Top Sirloin Steak, (1.1 lb)
Beef, Top Sirloin Steak, (12-13oz)
Beef, Top Sirloin Steak(10 oz)
Beef, Prime Ribeye Steak (9-11oz)
Beets, Golden
Dried Flower Bouquet, White, Red, Yellow
Dried Flower Bouquet,
Dried Flower Bouquet, Yellow, Red, Pink
Dried Flower Bouquet, Purple, red, pink
Dried Flower Wreath, Sunflowers and Fall Bow
CLEARANCE, Dried Herb Wreath, Rust and Tan
Dried Flower Spray, Pink w/ Sunflowers
Dried flower Spray, Dusty Red w/ Sunflowers
Dried Flower Arrangement in Copper Vase
Northern Spy Apples, (Half Bushel)
Mushrooms, Black Pearl Trumpet
Pork, Chops, Bone-in (1.0-1.2lb WHF)
Pork, Chops, 2 pack (1.7-1.9lb WHF)
Goat Cheese, Cherub Rock
Pork, Thick Cut Bacon
Pork, Italian Sausage, (WHF)
Pork Sausage, Chorizo Sausage, (Spicy)
Dried Flower Fall Pumpkin Arrangement, Medium
Dried Flower Fall Pumpkin Arrangement, Large
Brioche Breakfast Roll, Almond Cream
Microgreens, Pea
Microgreens, Radish
Goat Cheese, Truffle Bag
Chicken, Breast (Skin-on/Bone-in)
Chicken, Whole (5-6lbs Flint Hill)
Pork, Cured, Bone-in Ham
Pork, Spare Ribs (2-2.3lb)
Radish, Watermelon
Celeriac, 2 bulbs
Microgreens, Super Greens
Christmas Cookie Tray
Pork, Chops (single chop, 12oz)
Beef, Prime Oxtail (1.6lb)
Pork, Roast (2.19 lb)
Pork, Boneless Fresh Ham Roast (3.4lb)
Pork, Boneless Fresh Ham Roast (2.85lb)
Pork, Ground (Stryker Farm)
Pork, Pulled Pork BBQ
Pork, Smoked Kielbasa, Uncured
Gift Item, Campfire Mug with Greenery
Gift Item, Holiday Travel Hot Cup with Greenery
Lemon Lavender Fruit Spread
DISCOUNTED- Dunking Cookie Tray
Sugar, Cane ORG, 2LB
Sugar, Light Brown ORG 2lb
Flour, Artisan Select ORG (King Arthur)
Flour, Baker's Classic ORG (King Arthur)
Organic Farro Grain (Bob's Red Mill)
Organic Brown Flaxseed Meal (Bob's Red Mill)
Corn Grits/Polenta (Bob's Red Mill)
Chocolate Drops, Dark Organic
Cranberries, Organic (Ocean Spray)
Brown Rice, Organic Long Grain
Dry Beans, Black Kidney ORG
Dry Beans, Dark Red Kidney ORG
Organic Green Split Peas
Barley, Organic Hulled
Chips, Tortilla - Sea Salt (Late July)
Chips, Tortilla - Chia & Quinoa (Late July)
Chicken, Feet (.8-.9lb)
Cheese, Farmhouse
Raisins, Organic with oil (2lb)
Peanut Butter, Smooth Once Again
Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate
Soda, Mint Ginger Ale, Red Ribbon 12oz Single
Soda, Mint Ginger Ale, Red Ribbon 12oz- 4pk
Soda, Root Beer Virgil's, 12oz - 4PK
Popcorn Seeds, Organic
Bread Crumbs, Italian Edwards and Sons
Extract, Pure Vanilla, 4oz. ORG
Snack Mix, Wildberry, Eden
Seeds,Sunflower, Hulled Organic (2lbs)
Sesame Seeds, Hulled Organic
Black Olives, Pitted
GF Flour, Organic Millet (2lbs)
GF Flour, Tapioca Starch, ORG
Xanthan Gum
GF Flour, Quinoa ORG 2lbs
GF Flour, Artisan Blend ORG 24oz
Neck Pumpkin
Kombucha, Ginger Pear
Kombucha, Honey Juniper
Pasta, Rotini
Microgreens, Arugula
Goat Milk Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry
Goat Milk Yogurt Smoothie, Peach
Goat Milk Yogurt Smoothie, Black Cherry
Goat Milk Yogurt Smoothie, Vanilla
Goat Milk Kefir, 16oz.
Chevre, Plain
Chevre, Onion & Chive
Chevre, Garlic & Basil
Butter, Cultured Goat
Goat Milk, half gallon
Goat Milk Yogurt, 32oz.
Beef Sausage (w/Lamb) Rising Son
Pork Sausage, Custom Blend
Goat Milk Kefir, 32 oz
Cheese, Raw Sharp Cheddar Block, (2.5lb)
Pork, Maple Breakfast Sausage (Rope)
Beef, Ground Beef
Witchgrass Artisan Cheese
Lady Slipper Artisan Cheese
Blue Bell Artisan Cheese
Baby Yellow Potatoes
Butter, Salted Amish Country, 2 Lb
Butter, Salted Amish Country, 1 lb
Organic Whole Wheat Flour, 3lbs
Dutch Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Drops, Semi Sweet
Baking Soda, 1lb
McLure’s Maple Syrup - Very Dark
Himalayan Pink Salt Tile
Mixed Berry Kombucha, 4 pack
Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha, 4 pack
Ginger Garlic Hot Sauce
Ginger Carrots
Ginger Beets
Diced Tomatoes, Natural Value
Tomato Paste, Muir Glen
Pizza Sauce, Muir Glen
Sprouted Wheat with Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels
Sprouted Wheat Bagels
Sprouted Wheat with Onion and Poppy Seed Bagels
Red Quinoa, 2lbs
Almond Breeze
GF Flour, Almond ORG
Soda, Vanilla Cream Virgil's, 12oz - 4 pk
Basic Cornbread Mix, ORG 1.7lb.
Himalayan Pink Salt
Soup Mix, Busy Day Dry Bean
Cranberry Granola
Microgreens, Broccoli
Comb Honey (8-10 oz)
Creamed Honey, Cinnamon
Creamed Honey, Plain
Honey Candy
Lip Balm, Cherry Berry
Lip Balm, Orange Vanilla
Lip Balm, Pina Colada
Burgers, 6 pack
Beef, Burgers 7 Pack
Bacon, Uncured (12oz. Stryker)
Beef, Stew Cubes (1lb)
Beef, Eye Round Roast (1.6lb)
Beef, Eye Round Roast (2.4lb)
Beef, Eye Round Roast (4.0lb)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (11-12oz)
Beef, Prime Sirloin Steak (8-11oz)
Beef, Sirloin Steak (0.7-0.9lb)
Beef, Prime Sirloin Steak (1.2-1.3lb)
Beef, Flat Iron Steak (0.6-0.8lb)
White Rum, Loyola 1751
Banana Chips
Dried Fruit, Dates, Pitted
GF Flour, Organic Buckwheat
Steel Cut Oats
Baking Powder, Double Acting (BRM)
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
Balsamic Vinegar, DeLallo
Cookies, Almond Crescents
Chicken, Whole SCF (4.4-4.9lb)
Beef, London Broil (3.3lb)
Beef, Prime Tongue (3.6lb)
Beef, Heart (4.1lb)
Beef, Soup Bones (4.3-4.7 lb)
Beef, Soup Bones (2.6-2.7lb)
Preserves, Sour Cherry
Preserves, Blackberry
Preserves, Blackberry (1jar)
Chickweed Artisan Cheese
Marigold Artisan Cheese
Thistle Artisan Cheese
Clover Artisan Cheese
Sprouted Wheat Sesame Bagels
Sucanat, 2 lbs.
Microgreens, Sunflower
Beef, Prime Shin Bone (1.3-1.6lb)
Beef, Marrow Bones (1.9lb)
Beef, Liver (1.0-1.1lb)
Beef, Liver (1.3-1.4lb)
Beef, Prime Liver (12/15oz)
Beef, Chip Steak
Beef, Skirt Steak (.8lb)
Beef, Skirt Steak (1.7lb)
Beef, Prime Ribeye Steak (1LB)
Vinaigrette, Gingered Pear
Beef, Soup Bones (4lb)
Lamb, Ground (1lb)
Hot Sauce, Jim's Red
Hot Sauce, Golden Reserve
Candle, Spiced Orange
Soap, Espresso Kitchen
Ginger, Fresh
Lettuce, Loose Leaf
Cookies, Mexican Hot Chocolate (5pk)
Pork, Irish Bangers
Turkey, Ground, Dark -ORG
Dandy Blend, Instant Herbal Beverage
Soap, Lavender Mint
Snack Mix, Quiet Moon
CLEARANCE, Snack Bites, Kate's Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond
Snack Bites, Kate's Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate (6.6 Oz)
Snack Bites, Kate's Peanut Butter Hemp & Flax
Goat Milk Yogurt Smoothie, Coffee
Sweet Yellow Onion
Beef, Flank Steak (0.7-0.9 lb)
Beef, Flank Steak (0.9-1.0lb)
Beef, Flank Steak (1.3-1.6lb)
Pork, Boneless Shoulder Roast (2lb14oz)
Pork, Boneless Shoulder Roast (2.3-2.5lb)
Beef, Ranch Steak (0.7-0.9lb)
Beef, Ranch Steak (1.3-1.4lb)
Beef, Brisket (9.8lb)
Beef, Brisket (2.2-2.4lb)
Beef, Prime Brisket (1.4-1.5lb)
Pork, Spare Ribs (2.5-2.7lb)
Pork, Ham Steak (1.7-1.9lb)
Pork, Ham Steak (2.6lb)
Pork, Ham Steak (1.3-1.6lb)
Pork, Smoked Ham (20lbs)
Baby Red Beets
Microgreens, Kale
Apple Cider, Half Gallon
Cookies, Double Chocolate (5pk)
Pork, Hock, Uncured (1.5-1.8lb WHF)
Pork, Hock, Uncured (3.1-3.2lb WHF)
St Patty's Day Special Offer
Pork, Ribs (2.2 lbs)
Pork, Ribs (2.6lbs)
Pork, Ribs (3 lbs)
Chicken, Leg Quarters (1.7-1.9LB)
Chicken, Thighs (1.7-1.9LB)
Cheese, Raw Garlic Cheddar Block (2.5lb)
Turkey, Breast, Bone-In, ORG (5.6-5.7lb)
Turkey, Breast, Bone-in, ORG (5-6lbs)
Turkey, Breast, Bone-In, ORG (4.9-5.5 lb)
Turkey Roast, Boneless (3.0-3.3lb)
Turkey Roast, Boneless (2.0-2.3lb)
Turkey Roast, Boneless (2.5-2.9lb)
Turkey Roast, Boneless (3.98lb)
Beef, Tri Tip Roast, (1.7-1.9lb)
Beef, Tri Tip Roast, (2.1lb)
Cookies, Gingersnaps 3-pack
Gin, Earl Grey
Cheese, Goat Milk Curds
Flowers, Forsythia Bunch
Tofu, Extra Firm
Powdered Microgreens, Pea
Powdered Microgreens, Super Greens
Kombucha, Bluegrass
Kombucha, Naked Hippie
Kombucha, Your Mother was a Hamster
Dried Friut, Turkish Apricots
Sweet Cherry Lavender Fruit Spread
Heirloom Custom Blended Dry Beans
Balsamic Vinegar Glaze DeLallo
Mustard, Stoneground 9oz Natural Value
Ketchup, 20oz Natural Value
Salmon, Garlic Burgers, 2 pk
Salmon, Keta Portions
Salmon, Keta Fillets
Turkey, Bacon, ORG
Turkey, Fillet (1lb1oz-1lb3oz)
Beef, London Broil (3.1lb).
Coffee, Peru Minca
Power Broth, Chicken Turmeric
Power Broth, Vegetarian
Power Broth, OG (Beef Base)
Comb Honey (10-12 oz)
Honey Sticks, 20 Asst Natural Flavors
Honey, Orange Blossom
Candles, Beeswax 10.5" Tapers (set of 2)
Candle, Beeswax Bee Skep
Chips, Tortilla - Blue Corn (Late July)
Chips, Tortilla - Multigrain Sweet Potato (Late July) 7.5oz
Goat Cheese, Liontooth - Ashed Bloomy, (Goat Brie)
Cheese, Philly Fromage (Goat)
Bread, Brioche with Dried Fruit
Microgreens, Chia
Powdered Laundry Detergent, Sunny Meadow
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Sunny Meadow
Hand & Dish Soap, Sunny Meadow (reusable pump)
Linen and Room Spray, Sunny Meadow
Turkey, Fillet (14-16 oz)
Dandy Blend, Individual Servings (4pk)
Chicken, Breast Boneless Skinless
Chicken, Breast (Boneless Skinless 8-10oz)
Granola, Chunky Monkey (soaked)
Muesli, Raw Swiss, GF
Granola, New England Harvest (soaked)
Granola, Tropical Medley (soaked)
Chocolate Bar, Dark w/ Almond Pieces
Salsa, Frog Ranch Organic, Medium
Salad, Carrot Raisin
Salad, Homestyle Potato
Salad, Broccoli and Cauliflower
Salad, Egg
Baked Beans
Coconut Flakes, unsweetened
Soda, Black Cherry Cream Virgil's, 12oz - 4pk
Soda, Black Cherry Cream Virgil's, 12oz - single
Chicken, Breast-Bone-in (1.8-2.1LB)
Chicken, Breast (Skin-on/Bone-in) 2.1-2.3lb
Chicken, Breast (Skin-on/Bone-in)2.4-2.6lb
Yogurt, Drinkable Lemon A2A2
Yogurt, Drinkable Blueberry A2A2
Chocolate Milk, A2A2
Yogurt, Vanilla
Yogurt, Plain (PLS)
Yogurt, Blueberry Lemon
Yogurt, Meadowberry
Yogurt, Strawberry
Yogurt, Vanilla (Sunlight)
Yogurt, Strawberry (Sunlight)
Dates, Chopped (,5lb)
Pork, Boneless Shoulder Roast (1.99-2.3lb)
Powdered Microgreens, Sunflower
Soda, Root Beer Virgil's, 12oz- single
Soda, Vanilla Cream Virgil's, 12oz - single
Pork, Chops, Boneless (1.26lb)
Yogurt Smoothie, Peach A2A2
Yogurt Smoothie, Blueberry A2A2
Chocolate Milk, A2A2
Yogurt, Meadowberry (PLS)
Yogurt, Blueberry Lemon (PLS)
Yogurt, Strawberry (PLS)
Yogurt, Vanilla (PLS)
Yogurt, Blueberry (Sunlight)
Yogurt, Raspberry (Sunlight)
Bread, Cranberry Walnut Sourdough, frozen
Cheese, Philly Fromage with Truffles & Porcini (cow)
Cheese, Philly Fromage with Truffles & Porcini (goat)
Pork, Chops, Boneless (1.2lb)
Pork, Chops, Boneless (2.0-2.2lb)
Yogurt, Greek Maple 32 ounce
Yogurt, Greek Vanilla 32 ounce
Transplants, Onions
Transplants, Red cabbage
Transplants, Collards
Transplants, Kohlrabi
Microgreens, Kohlrabi
Beef, Prime Chip Steak (12-15oz)
Beef, Prime Filet Mignon (6-7 oz)
Beef, Prime Filet Mignon (8-9oz)
Beef, Black Angus T-Bone Steak (1lb)
Beef, NY Strip Steak (12oz)
Beef, Prime Ribeye Steak (14oz)
Beef, Prime Ribeye Steak (7/8oz)
Beef, Black Angus Round Steak (10oz)
Beef, Black Angus Round Steak (1lb4-6oz)
Croissant, 2 Pack
Buns, Brioche 4 pack, frozen
Pasta, Gluten Free Penne with Green Lentils
Pasta, Gluten Free Rotini with Red Lentils
Pasta, Gluten Free Spaghetti w/ Quinoa 8oz
Flour, Spelt ORG 2lbs
Sauce, Red Tomato Roasted Garlic Sauce
Salsa, Frog Ranch Organic, Mild
Yogurt, Greek Raspberry 32 ounce
Yogurt, Greek Blueberry 32 ounce
Yogurt, Greek Plain 32 ounce
Butter, salted 1 lb by Sunset Farm
Nuts, Cashew Pieces
Nuts, Raw Almonds
Nuts, Walnuts
Seeds, Raw Pepitas
Spice, Cinnamon ORG (2.5oz)
Dried Fruit, Diced Pineapple
Dried Fruit, Banana Chips (1lb)
Dried Fruit, Dates, Chopped in oat flour ORG (8oz)
Nuts, Peanuts, 8oz
Nuts, Pecan Pieces, 8 oz
Grains, Rolled Oats ORG 3 lbs
Pork, Hot Italian Sausage
Pork, Sweet Italian Sausage
Pork, Chops, Bone In (1lb13/15 oz)
Chicken, Breast (Skin-on/Bone-in)1lb7-8oz
Chicken, Breast (Skin-on/Bone-in)1lb3.8oz
Chicken, Whole Legs (1lb2/4oz)
Chicken Breast, Boneless/Skinless (12-15oz)
Pork, Boneless Shoulder Roast (3lb3oz)
Chicken, Wings (1.8-2.1lb)
Transplant, Chamomile
Transplant, Large Red Tomato
Transplant, Onion (pot)
Transplant, Green Zucchini
Maple Syrup, Amber, Pint
Maple Syrup, Dark, Half Gallon
Maple Syrup, Dark, Pint
Scones, Blueberry, 2 pack
Scones, Chocolate Chip, 2 pack
Olive Oil, Ciccio's, 250ml
Olive Oil, Ciccio's, 750ml
Cheese, Philly Fromage, Pizza flavor (cow)
Cheese, Philly Fromage, (cow) Pickle flavor
Sauce, Bill's Best, BBQ
Eggs, Soy Free Feed
Memorial Day Picnic Box with Pork Hot Dogs
Memorial Day Picnic Box with Blk Angus Burgers
Memorial Day Picnic Box with Tofu
Potato Salad, Homestyle
Pasta Salad, Bowties
Pork, Chops, Bone-in (1lb9oz-12oz)
Pork, Chops Bone-in (1.5lb)
Bragg's Organic Sprinkle Seasoning 1.5oz
Candles, Beeswax 6.5" Tapers (set of 2)
Vinegar, Apple Cider by Braggs
Soup Mix, Harmony Organic
Granola, Maple Pecan (soaked)
Garden in a Chair
Garden in a Chair
Preserves, Rhubarb
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (1lb 10oz)
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (2lb)
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (2lb 7/10oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (2lbs 14oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (3lbs 7/9oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (3lbs 13oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (4lbs 2oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (4lbs 9oz)
Pork, Tenderloin (1.4-1.81lb)
Turkey, breast, bone-in Organic (7lbs)
Butter, Cultured 8oz
Microgreens, Red Cabbage
Salmon, Coho (Bone -In) Individual portions
Beef, Black Angus Filet Mignon (11/12oz)
Beef, Prime NY Strip Steak (3-4oz)
Beef, Prime Delmonico (4.5-4.9oz)
Beef, Prime Delmonico (2.6-3.9oz)
Candle, Lavender Mint; soy 6 oz
Candle, Tangerine Cream; 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Candle, Rosemary Mint; 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Candle, Ginseng Pear, 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Chicken, Hearts (1lb)
Candle, Mediterranean Fig; 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Pork, Chorizo (14/15 oz)
Candle, Tuberose; 2 wick Apothecary Jar
Kombucha, HARD 21+ Blam-o; 12 oz can
Kombucha, HARD 21+ Simon Limon; 12 oz can
Ginger Beer, HARD 21+ Those Red Heads; 12 oz can
Tortillas, Yellow Corn; frozen 10pk
Oatmilk; Rise Original 32oz
Sauce, Hot Stuff; The Wizards 5oz
Sauce, Worcestershire 8.5oz
Coconut milk
Spice, Pepper, Black Ground
Soap, Rosemary Mint Bar, 4oz.
Cheese, Smoked Manchego, Cow's milk
Cheese, Aged Manchego, (cow's milk)
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (1lb 13/15oz)
Pork, Baby Back Ribs (3lbs 2oz)
Pork, Chops Bone-In (2.08lb)
Pork, Spare Ribs (3lbs 13 oz)
Pork, Spare Ribs (5.42 lb)
Beef, Short Ribs (2.0lbs)
Beef, Short Ribs (1.2lb)
Beef, NY Strip Steak (11-12oz)
Vinaigrette, Blueberry Basil
Vinaigrette, Peach Basil
Blueberries, pint
Mushrooms, Shiitake (1/2lb)
Chips, Potato-Lightly Salted 6oz
Chips, Potato-Barbeque 6oz
Chips, Potato-Sour Cream & Chive 6oz
Soy Sauce, Cin Soy - 8oz
Sauce, Tamari - Cin Soy 8oz
Yogurt, Greek Black Cherry 32 ounce
Pasta, Fettucine
Pasta, Rotini Tri Color 1lb
Soda, Tonic Water Red Ribbon,12oz single
Soda, Tonic Water Red Ribbon 12oz - 4 pack
Soda, Seltzer Red Ribbon, 12oz single
Soda, Seltzer Red Ribbon, 12oz - 4 pack
Cabbage, Caraflex
Eggs, Quail - 1 dozen
Pork, Hot Dogs (Uncured 6 pk)
Sprouting Lid with 1lb of seeds
Sprouting Lid,
Fruit, Apricots
Fruit, Plums- Shiro
Fruit, Peaches-White donut
Pork, Chops, Boneless (1lb 12/14oz.)
Green Beans, 1/2 Bushel
Preserves, Peach
Bacon Ends - Uncured, 1.7-1.8lb
Microgreens, Cantaloupe
Chicken, Whole WHF (3lb 6oz)
Chicken, Whole (5.0-5.2lb)
Chicken, Whole WHF (4lb)
Preserves, Apricot
Beef, Black Angus Sirloin (10oz)
Beef, Sirloin Tip Roast (2.3lb)
Beef, Sirloin Tip Roast (2.8-2.9lb)
Beef, Black Angus Chuck Steak (11/12oz)
Beef, Prime T-Bone Steak (7-9oz)
Beef, Prime Delmonico Steak (5-5.7oz)
Watermelon, Yellow (Small)
Chicken, Whole WHF (2.8-3lb)
Chicken, Whole WHF(6lb12oz)
Pork, Boneless Butt Roast (3.7-3.9lb)
Pork, Bacon Ends - Uncured, (1.0-1.5lb.)
Pork, Kielbasa (.8-.9lb) WHF
Pork, Roasted Garlic Sausage
Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Dried Fruit, Figs, Calimyrna
Pork, Boneless Shoulder Roast (2.9lb)
Pork, Shoulder Roast (2.7-3.2lb)
Pork, Shoulder Roast (3.7-3.8lb)
Chicken, Breast - boneless/skinless (2lb-8/9oz)
Chicken, Breast - boneless/skinless (2lb-1/3oz)
Chicken, Breast - boneless/skinless (1lb 5oz)
Chicken, Whole WHF(4.7-4.8lb)
Chicken, Whole WHF(5.6-5.9lb)
Beef, Black Angus Porterhouse Steak(12/13 oz)
Beef, Black Angus Porterhouse Steak (1lb 10oz)
Fruit, Plum - Purple
Squash, Lebanese
Apples, WHF organic
Preserves, Peach OG Quart
Yogurt, Plain 24oz (PLS)
Elderberry Tincture Kit
Lozenge, Elderberry Zinc - 15 ct.
Lozenge, Vitamin C - 15 Ct.
Potatoes, White
Apples, MacIntosh
Cheese, Mozzarella- fresh 8oz
Cheese, Provolone
Cheese, Gouda
Apples, Jonamac
Apples, Cortland
Chicken, Livers (0.9-1.1lb)
Chicken, Soup Chicken (2.6-3.5lb)
Chicken, Soup Chicken (4.7-5.5lb)
Pears, Bartlett
Pears, Forellle
Scones, Apple Cinnamon, 2 pack
Organic Apples, Half Bushel
Squash, Sweet Dumpling
Salmon, Sockeye Filet (0.85-0.95lb)
Honey, Black Locust
Preserves, Hot Pepper
Preserves, Mixed Berry
Scones, Double Chocolate- 2 pack
Scones, Mocha Chocolate Chip- 2 pack
Salmon, Sockeye Filet (1.2-1.3lb)
Salmon, Sockeye Filet (1.6-1.9lb)
Extract, Pure Almond, 4oz. ORG
Onion, Red Long of Florence
Salt, Table (8oz.)
Captain's Blend Smoked Salmon Ravioli 13oz
Alaskan Rockfish Filets, 6-8oz
Salmon, Dip, Cajun Smoked, 8oz
Yogurt, Peach (PLS)
Pears, Shenandoah
Sweet Potatoes, Garnet
Tortillas, Blue Corn Chips, ORG 11oz
Tortillas, Yellow Corn Chips ORG 11oz
Noodles, White Rice ORG 7.7oz
Noodles, Brown Rice ORG 7.7oz
Salsa, Smoked Jalapeno
Spice, Garlic Powder, ORG 2.5oz.
Juice, Lemon ORG 16oz
Hummus, Original ORG 8oz
Salmon, Sockeye Filet (2.1-2.2lb)
Pizza Dough, Artisanal Sourdough Ball, frozen (7oz)
Tea, Andalusia Lemon Rooibos 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Berry Berry 2.5oz ORG
Tea, English Breakfast 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Hibiscus 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Sencha Green 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose 2.5oz ORG
Tea bag filters, 50 bags
Tea Ball Infuser with handle
Tea, Orange Cranberry Tisane 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Turmeric Ginger Citrus Herbal Wellness 2.5oz ORG
Thanksgiving Small Market Box
Thanksgiving Medium Market Box
Thanksgiving Large Market Box
Thanksgiving Vegetarian Small Market Box
Thanksgiving Vegetarian Medium Market Box
Thanksgiving Vegetarian Large Market Box
Beans, Green
Raw Milk, Gallon
Raw Milk, Half Gallon
Microgreens, Spicy Mustard
Broccoli (colorful green/purple heads)
Radish, Daikon
Gift Basket, Gourmet Coffee Lover's
CLEARANCE, Gift Basket, Autumn Harvest Pastabilities!
Gift Basket, Honey Bee Thankful and Blessed
Gift Basket, Tea Time Serenity Mug
Gift Basket, Southern Italy Sensation
Gift Basket, Clean Haven Fresh
Gift Box, Lavender Spa Set, ORG
Gift, Rose Fizzy Powder, ORG
Gift Box, Rustic Spa Set, ORG
Gift, Winter Frost Shower Steamers - set of 2, ORG
Gift Box, Herbal Mini Spa Set, ORG
reCAP Pour Lid with Carry Loop
reCAP Sprayer and Pump Lid set
Cleaning Spray, Unscented (in reusable spray bottle)
Beeswax Wraps
Soap, Greek Goat Milk, Frankincense and Clay (CC)
Soap, Greek Goat Milk, Florals and Myrrh (CC)
Sachet, Lavender Buds, ORG
Sachet, Rose and Chamomile, ORG
Sachet, Baltic Amber, ORG
Salve, Herbal Antibiotic Ointment + PAIN Relief
Centerpiece, Dried Floral Pumpkin
Everlasting Bouquet
Applesauce, Santa Cruz
Mushrooms, Portobello - each, ORG
Mushrooms, Oyster Grey
Elderberries - 1 lb, frozen ORG
Chips, Popadelics crunchy mushrooms, Rosemary and Salt
Chips, Popadelics Crunchy Mushrooms, Truflle Parm, 1.4oz
Chips, Popadelics Crunchy Mushrooms, Thai Chili 1.4oz
Granola Bar, Berry Omega-3
Granola Bar, Cranberry Chocolate
Granola Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate
Granola Bar, Pumpkin Spice
Pasta, Fall Harvest Shapes, 14oz
Pasta, Tailgate and Celebrate 14oz
Pasta, Farm Animal Mac and Cheese - 12oz
Pizza, Artisanal NY Style Cheese
Pizza, Artisanal Margherita
Pizza, Artisanal Margherita with Pepperoni
Pizza, Truffle Mushroom Gorgonzola - ORG
Tinctures, Sleep Ease - 2oz ORG
Tinctures, Headache - 2oz ORG
Tinctures, Echinacea - 2oz ORG
Tinctures, Elderberry - 2oz ORG
Tinctures, Stomach Aid- 2oz ORG
Olive Oil, Ciccio's 3L can
Tea, Lemon Grass - 2.5oz ORG
Tea, Rose Hips - 2.5oz ORG
Cleaning Tabs, Toilet Bombs - 10 Pack
Chocolate Cup, Reishi Peanut Butter Superfood Dark
Chocolate Cup, Tahini Crunch +Ashwagandha Superfood Dark
Chocolate Cup, Sunflower Power +Cordyceps Superfood Dark
Chocolate Cup, Macadamia Magic Superfood Dark
Mushrooms, Wine Cap, 1lb.
Beef, Black Angus T-Bone (11/13oz)
Turkey, Breast - Bone-in; ORG (8.0-8.9 lb)
Turkey, Whole ORG (8.0-8.9 lb)
Turkey, Whole ORG; (9.6lb)
Pizza, NY Style with Pepperoni - ORG
Pizza, Veggie Lovers - ORG
Pizza, Romano Style Tomato Pie - ORG
Gift Basket, Earl Gray Gin and Tonic Cocktail
Gift Basket, White Rum Calm and Stormy Cocktail
Cranberry Sauce, 12oz
Parsley, Italian Flat
Cheese, Ricotta - fresh 1lb
Pizza, Artisanal White Ricotta with Pesto
Pizza, Artisanal Margherita with Italian Sausage
Potpourri, Simmer Scents ~ Floral Notes
Potpourri, Simmer Scents ~ Savory Notes
Potpourri, Simmer Scents ~ Spice Notes
Candle, Beeswax, Vanilla with Baltic Amber
Yogurt, Vanilla, 24 oz (PLS)
Gift Cheese Board, Caputo Brothers Creamery
Gift Cheese Board, Haven Farmstead Creamery
Gift Basket, Holiday Snacker
Gift Basket, Home Sweet Home
Yogurt, Vanilla 24oz (pls)
Cheese, Fromage (WHF)
Oil, Coconut - pure virgin
Hanukkah Specialty Dairy Bundle
Hanukkah Specialty Meat Bundle
Chocolate Cup, Mint Chaga Chip
Chips, Sweet Potato
Cheese, Mozzarella, 12 oz.
Sea Salt, Table Grind
Apples, Evercrisp
Sauerkraut, Apple
Sauerkraut, Mad
Sauerkraut, Carrot
Farmers' Kimchi
Sauerkraut, Beet
Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger w/pepper ORG
Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Orange ORG
Chocolate Chips, Bittersweet ORG
Dried Fruit, Mango ORG
Coffee, Breakfast Blend - 2lb, ORG
Coffee, French Roast - 2lb, ORG
Coffee, Breakfast Blend - 12oz, ORG
Coffee, Columbian - 12oz, ORG
Coffee, Cafe Salvador - 12oz, 0RG
Coffee, Ethiopian - 12oz, ORG
Mushrooms, Cremini 1lb ORG
Mushroom, Portobello 2 caps
Mushrooms, Artisan Sampler 1lb
Pork, Scrapple, 3-4 lbs
Coffee, Guatemalan
reCAP, Sprayer Lid only
reCAP, Pump Lid only
Cleaning Spray, Sunny Meadow (w/ reusable sprayer)
Cleaning Spray, Unscented (in reusable spray bottle)
Hand & Dish Soap, REFILL, Unscented
Hand & Dish Soap, REFILL, Citrus Grove
Hand & Dish Soap, REFILL, Herb Garden
Hand & Dish Soap, REFILL, Sunny Meadow
Hand & Dish Soap, Unscented (reusable pump)
Cleaning Spray, REFILL, Unscented
Cleaning Spray, REFILL, Herb Garden
Cleaning Spray, REFILL, Sunny Meadow
Cleaning Spray, REFILL, Citrus Grove
Butter, Raw
Gift Basket, Clean Freak
Cookie Sampler, 8 pack
Hearts, Chicken (0.5lb)
Romanesco, 2 small heads
Kale, Red Russian (Baby variety)
Lettuce, Cut Leaf
Pizza, Artisanal Buffalo Chicken
Collard Greens, 7 oz.
Seed Planting Tray, Bottom tray
Pizza, Apple Creme Brulee
Seedling Starter Tray, 50 cells
Seedling Starter Tray, 32 cells
Seedling Starter Tray, 200 cells
Seeds, Starburst Carrot Blend
Seeds, Dolciva Carrot
Seeds, Provider Bush Bean
Seeds, Naval Carrot
Seeds, Red Ace Beet
Seeds, Tiara Cabbage
Seeds, Mardi Gras Bean Blend
Seeds, Who Gets Kissed? Sweet Corn
Seeds, Rainbow Blend Chard
Seeds, Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Seeds, National Pickling Cucumber
Seeds, Mini Me Cucumber
Seeds, Hella Sonnenblume Sunflower
Seeds, Racina Calendula
Seeds, Sensation Blend Cosmos
Seeds, Planete Rouge du Jura Poppy
Seeds, County Fair Blend Zinnia
Seeds, Maxibel Haricort Vert Bean
Seeds, Astro Arugula
Seeds, Genovese Basil
Seeds, Gourmet Blend Lettuce
Seeds, Green Star Lettuce
Seeds, Salad Bowl Lettuce
Seeds, Bouquet Dill
Seeds, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
Seeds, Meadowlark Kale
Seeds, Lacinato Kale
Seeds, Santo Cilantro
Seeds, Howden Pumpkin
Seeds, Parade Bunching Onion
Seeds, Sweet Gem Sugar Snap Pea
Seeds, Laxton's Progress #9 Shell Pea
Seeds, Blizzard Snow Pea
Seeds, Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper
Seeds, HMS Red Picnic Pepper
Seeds, Valentine's Day Blend Radish
Seeds, Butterflay Spinach
Seeds, Dark Green Zucchini
Seeds, Brulee Butternut Winter Squash
Seeds, Belstar Broccoli
Seeds, Amish Paste Tomato
Seeds, Cherokee Purple Tomato
Seeds, Damsel Tomato
Seeds, Sweetie Cherry Tomato
Seeds, Freckless Lettuce
Seeds, High Mowing Blend Mesclun
Seeds, Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Seeds, Baby Doll Watermelon
Potting Mix, Fort Vee
Goat Cheese, Chevre, Herbs & Garlic
Goat Cheese, Chevre, Cranberry & Sage
Goat Cheese, Chevre, Plain
Shrub, Strawberry Basil 13oz
Shrub, Lime Mint 13oz
Juice, Pineapple Coconut Blend
Pork, Bratwurst
Ginger Garlic Paste
Cheese, Parmesan
Cheese, Swiss
Pizza, NY w/ Fresh Garlic & Basil
Switchel, Ginger
Turmeric Beer
Chocolate Cup, Cashew Clarity Superfood Dark
Granola Bar, Nuts and Berries
Flour, Einkorn ORG 1.75lb
Chocolate Bar, Minis Milk - 12pk ORG
Chocolate Bar, Minis Dark - 12pk ORG
Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate
Orange, Mandarin
Tea, Wellness Pomegranate Detox Herbal Tisane
Tea, Wellness Energy Herbal Tisane
Tea, Wellness Lemon Tonsil Tamer Herbal Tisane
Tea, Wellness Turmeric Ginger Citrus Herbal Tisane
Tea, Wellness Sniffle Slayer Herbal Tisane
Tea, Wellness Calm Herbal Tisane
Dish Soap, Pure Castile Solid
Dish Soap, Pure Castile Solid
Pot Brush, Bamboo and Sisal Natural
Microgreens, Wasabi
Crackers, Einkorn, Artisan's Daily
Crackers, Einkorn, Sesame & Honey
Pasta, Einkorn, Penne
Pasta, Einkorn, Fusilli
Pasta, Einkorn, Linguine
Flatbread Bites, Everything Spice
Flatbread Bites, Rosemary & Olive Oil
Flatbread, Everything Spice
Flatbread, Olive Oil & Sel Gris
Flatbread, Sweet Onion & Creme Fraiche
Olives, Mixed
Eggs, Rainbow Chicken/Duck Sampler
Olives, Castelvetrano
Mushrooms, Maitake
Dry Beans, Pinto
Olive Oil, Ciccio's, 500ml
Orange, Naval
Wooly Dryer Balls, Bugs
Wooly Dryer Balls, Love/Earth
Wooly Dryer Balls, Flowers
Wooly Dryer Balls, Farm Animals
Lotion Bar, Rose
Bath Salts, Lavender
Spice, Ground Cayenne Chili Pepper
Spice, 4 Pepper Peppermill Blend
Seeds, Poppy (whole)
Seeds, Flax (whole)
Seeds, Chia (whole)
Swiss Chard, Baby, 5 oz.
Red Scallions
Apples, Idared
Pork, Bones (2.2-2.6lb)
Pork, Bones (3.0-3.9 lb)
Pork, Leaf Fat (1.9-2.0lb)
Pork, Leaf Fat (2.8-3lb)
Ferments, Giardiniera Vegetables
Salsa, Tomatillo -Spicy ORG (11oz)
Salsa, Roasted Chili, Medium ORG (11oz)
Sauce, Sriracha Chili - ORG (8oz)
Sauce, Sriracha Habanero - ORG (8oz)
Spice, Cumin seed, ground - ORG (2.5OZ)
Spice, Turmeric Root, Ground ORG (2.5oz)
Spice, Steak and Chop Grilling Rub - ORG (2.5oz)
Spice, Poultry Seasoning - ORG (2.5oz)
Spice, Taco Seasoning - ORG
Soap, Tobacco Bay Leaf Bar ORG (5.5oz)
Soap, 207 Vintage Men's Exfoliant ORG (6oz)
Soap, Lemon Poppy Scrub Bar - ORG (5.5oz)
Soap, Maine French Lavender Natural Bar
Soap, Naked Oatmeal Bar Plant-Based Unscented
Soap, Sea Clay & Lemongrass Bar (5.5oz)
Soap, Wild Botanicals Spring Sampler - ORG
Rotini, ORG - 1lb
Spice, Italian Seasoning ORG - (.8oz)
Spice, Oregano ORG (.6oz)
Kombucha, Turmeric Ginger
Kombucha, Holy Basil Lemon
Bread, Baguette Sourdough
Kombucha, Blueberry
Kombucha, Hibiscus Yerba Mate
Kombucha, Peach
Vinegar, Balsamic Raspberry
Vinegar, Balsamic Pear
Vinegar, Balsamic Fig
Vinegar, Balsamic Modena
Vinegar, Apple Glaze
Vinegar, Apple Cider Raw
Pesto, Genovese
Pesto, Red with Sun-Dried Tomato
Pasta, Casarecce
Pork, Cured Smoked Ham Slice, 3/4in thick (1.5-1.8lb)
Pork, Liver (6-7oz)
Pork, Liver (10-13oz)
Pork, Liver (14-16oz)
Sugar, Powdered ORG (1lb)
Flour, Blue Corn ORG (2lb)
Corn Starch, ORG 6oz
Flour, Coconut ORG (1lb)
Noodles, Udon ORG (8oz)
Noodles, Lo Mein ORG (8oz)
Spinach, 5 oz
Bread, Pumpernickel Sourdough, frozen
Yogurt, Lemon 32oz ORG
Stinging Nettle
Brioche Brunch Loaf ORG
Pizza, Chicken Pesto Tomato
Honey, Alfalfa, 1lb
Honey, Wildflower, Dark
Yogurt, Plain 32oz ORG
Seeds, Champion Collards
Swiss Chard
Cucumber, Greenhouse
Mother's Day Brunch, Large
Mother's Day Brunch, Small
Lettuce, Romaine
Radish, Red
Miso, Traditional Red, ORG
Extract, Pure Maple, 4oz. ORG
Extract, Pure Chocolate, 4oz. ORG
Extract, Pure Lemon, 4oz. ORG
Extract, Pure Orange, 4oz. ORG
Extract, Pure Peppermint, 4oz. ORG
Transplant, Slicing Cucumber
Cucumber, one large
Transplant, Mountain Merit Tomato
Transplants, Green Romaine Lettuce
Sauerkraut, Classic
Balm, Lavender, ORG
Chips, Tortilla, Sea Salt & Lime
Tomatoes, Cherry (Mixed Colors)
Pizza, Artisanal Corn on the Cob