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Sweet Potatoes & an Eagle Scout

Posted on September 16th, 2019 by Reuben DeMaster

Last week we harvested the first of the sweet potatoes which need to “cure” before using. They were air-dried for a week in order to develop the sugars and storage life. You are getting the very first ones. I haven’t even gotten any to cook with yet.

A couple of the guys were out in the field getting ready to harvest more sweet potatoes. Here is a video to see what they were doing.

I love the return of salad season and the mixed greens are fun to use. The curly endive is the only leaf in this mix that is spicy, which adds a kick to any salad or sandwich. When mixed with other greens in a salad it adds another dimension of flavor.

You can take advantage of bulk carrots this time of year.  We always have funny shaped carrots that we don't give out in the boxes but are perfectly good for juicing.  They are also great for freezing, making carrot soup, or even shredding and dehydrating.  Get your ugly carrots now! In Extras for $2/lb.

Our son, Simeon, is working on his Eagle Scout project and hosting a fundraising dinner here on the farm. We are doing what we do best: a Pizza Night!
Contact Simeon at to reserve your spot.
Saturday, Oct. 5, 4 - 8 PM.
We will be serving brick oven sourdough pizza with farm fresh toppings.
Salad, sides and beverages will be provided.
$30 /person.

 We'll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster