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Sunsets & Fieldwork

Posted on September 9th, 2019 by Reuben DeMaster

I can tell from the picture that the farm kids are growing in their appreciation of beauty.  The other night one of the 10 year olds asked "Quick! May I borrow your phone so I can take a picture of the sunset?!" 

This picture is out of her west side bedroom window in the farmhouse, looking out down the road toward Grandpa's farm shed, the old orchard and the west fields. She definitely had a spectacular moment to capture.

It seems to me that sunsets are better in the fall, maybe because the days are getting shorter and evenings are getting cooler. 

This dry weather is making our fields turn brown so even though we are still growing colorful eggplant and sweet peppers the beautiful green plants of summer are fading.

Fall harvest is an interesting mix of end of summer veggies, fall storage crops, and a re-run of cool crops that we saw in the spring.  This week you are getting mixed greens and arugula which we planted in late July and early August. August was very dry so we had to make sure that we properly irrigated the tender seedlings to make sure they survived until the cooler days of September arrived. This fall will be a show of the dry fall colors or brown and orange with a mix of vibrant greens as the cool crops grow alongside.

Enjoy something green and something orange in the same recipe this week!

We'll keep farming for you!

Tessa & Reuben DeMaster