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How about those Berries!

Posted on May 15th, 2019 by Ford Waterstrat

Did you notice the the unique flavor, texture, and color of the strawberries. They are unlike anything you receive at the grocery store. Picked at the ripest point for intense flavor they are definitely a little more delicate than what you receive at the store. Strawberries are kind of like a banana. Super sweet when very ripe and very delicate. Unlike the banana strawberries don't continue to ripen once harvested. A banana can be picked green and shipped all over the world, held in storage, purchased by you, and eaten at your desired ripeness level. Some folks like a super ripe sweet banana and others like a more firm banana. Once a strawberry is picked it will not continue to ripen. We harvest only the most ripe dark red strawberries before you receive them. We've been told that our strawberries are like nothing they've ever tasted before...and Certified Organic to boot. Unfortunately the strawberry season in our region is a short one- we anticipate that strawberries will phase out in early June. Ironically the strawberries sell for the highest price tag out of all of the items that we grow, but are the least profitable and one of the most risky to raise organically in our region. 

As the season progresses there will be a larger selection of items to customize your share with. Items for salads are abundant in the early spring shares, but as the temperature warms up in June those items will quit producing and you'll begin to see some of your garden favorites. Its quite an adventure to eat seasonally!

Cabbage and Broccoli are a several weeks away and we anticipate the 1st tomatoes being ready in early June.

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