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Week 20 of 22

Posted on September 22nd, 2023 by Ford Waterstrat

Here's a neat picture from a couple of weeks ago. The guys are harvesting bell peppers. You can see a tractor and a long thing sticking out into the middle of the rows. The guys walk along the rows and harvest the bell peppers that are ready then dump their basket of peppers onto the conveyor. Once on the conveyor, the bell peppers feed into bins on the trailer that is on the wagon. Yet another tool we purchased to help the guys remain as comfortable as possible- This winter we are planning to design a shade structure that sticks out into the field.

And a side note- We just recently completed our first food safety audit of the season. It was an intense 8 hours and we did great! We lost several points because I had not updated the numbering system in our food safety plan that specifies which mouse traps are in which locations. However- we've never caught our mouse in the coolers. 

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