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Week 21 of 22

Posted on September 28th, 2023 by Ford Waterstrat

Week 21 of 22- So exciting!  We hope that your health has increased because of your increased consumption of farm fresh certified organic vegetables and fruits this year-

Speaking of Health-- Did you know that healthier soil produces healthier crops? In this picture you can see an example of a "summer cover crop." We grow these vigorous plants every opportunity that we can. They increase the soils health. This is a picture of Sudan Grass getting incorporated into the soil- feeding all the amazing organisms that keep the soil healthy. 2 days after we stopped the growth of this Sudan grass, we were back in the field sowing the winter cover crops that will protect and nourish the life of the soil thru the winter. 

And- on that note- I have a very dedicated group of guys. Israel   started sowing these cover crops at 8am Tues morning and did not stop until 6 am Wednesday morning 22 hours straight. I was helping him but my equipment broke and he knew we needed to finish the job before the rain came. I recommended that he take the day off on Wednesday, but he would not. He took a 1 hour nap, and started at 8am with the rest of the guys harvesting for Thursday deliveries. Amazing. Blessings on the millions of people that leave their families for months at a time to work on farms all over the United States.

Farmer Ford