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Week 19

Posted on September 15th, 2023 by Ford Waterstrat

As I write this letter Jose, Carlos, Hugo and Esteban are all driving to Knoxville to take a return flight back to their families in Mexico. I can't imagine how excited they all must be. They have been here since March 1. Thank you guys.  Each one of them has many roles on the farm but they all have a special skill that blesses what we do here at SHF. Jose's specialty is being the mechanic- Esteban is the forklift operator, Carlos is the office person that keeps things running smoothly, and Hugo is the 2nd in command of the harvest team.

If your family is like mine- it seems that there are more events at school and less time to cook. To keep you eating healthy SHF products well into the fall- we will start sending even more items that will store well thru the fall- Winter squash, potatoes and onions- if stored  properly will last many months-

We hope to get some sweet potatoes harvested soon- but they are not quite ready

And--- guess what we're planting 9.15 that won't be ready to harvest until 5.2024?