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Week 4

Posted on June 2nd, 2023 by Ford Waterstrat

Thank you for all of the kind emails that you've been sending about enjoying your share of vegetables each week. And we're so happy that you've been able to introduce some more vegetables into your families diets. Garlic Scape Pesto has been a hit. Eating fresh vegetables each week is a commitment to your families health. We're so glad that you've chosen to let us bring you our products each week. This next week we're going to include Kohlrabi- This is one of those cool vegetables that not everyone knows about. You're lucky! Probably best to google some ideas- but our favorite is sliced up into small pieces and mixed in with some sautéed kale. We also like them sliced up into a vegetable tray and dipped into hummus

Here is a field of tomatoes- These plants started out as seeds in the greenhouse mid March. From seeding in the greenhouse to planting outside takes 6-8 Weeks. These were planted outside in this field the first week of May and should be ready to being harvesting early July-

Enjoy your shares!

Best wishes,