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Week 17

Posted on August 28th, 2021 by Ford Waterstrat

Hugo decided that this purple potato would be our farm icon. We'll see how long this mighty potato lasts before it rots. Did you know that we have 4 different walk in coolers that are set up varying temperatures to keep your produce as fresh as possible. Most items get harvested the day before your delivery early in the day, then spend several hours chilling in the various different coolers. Then in the evening when all the other farm work is done, we spend several hours assembling everyone's share? Depending on the day and cooler availability- your share will either go into our biggest walk in cooler- or it will go into one of our two refrigerated delivery trucks. Investing in refrigerated delivery trucks was quite a large expense- but we wanted to make sure your shares were in tip top shape.

Despite all of our best efforts- mistakes will happen and produce will not be tip top shape by the time it reaches your fridge. We love hearing from our happy farm share members---- but we also want to know if something has gone wrong. Ultimately- we want you to be thrilled with your share each week- and when you're not- we need to know so that we can make things right with you.

Sincere thanks,