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Week 16

Posted on August 19th, 2021 by Ford Waterstrat

Thought you all might enjoy this photo. There's no shiny fancy pickup trucks here at Sustainable Harvest Farm. Jose Pedro and I worked quickly to take the bed off of our main farm truck. After we took the bed off, we rushed it up to Uncle Jimmy- the master of all trades- to fix the fuel lines that had started leaking. Fortunately we were able to get it running again before we had to use Amanda's van as a harvest truck :) Tractors, delivery vehicles, equipment, trucks, walk in coolers quitting and other such breakdowns are daily occurrence that keep us on our toes as we strive to get you wonderful products each week.

This past week was tough. Day after day of rain complicates many things. Multiple trucks and tractors got stuck last week- and we destroyed quite a few of tow straps pulling out the vehicles. Crops get dirty and need a lot of washing before we deliver them to you....But- hey- at least we don't have to worry about a drought and wild fires!

We hope that you continue to enjoy your share each week. Sending some great lettuces your way this week as we're going to try to give you a rest on the squash and zucchini this week. The seedless watermelons are super sweet--- but a little more challenging to consistently get ones that ripen at the same time- Please let us know if you get one that is not ripe!

Sincere thanks