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Your support counts!

Posted on September 7th, 2019 by Ford Waterstrat

Each August I take a deep breath and wonder whether or not our wonderful Farm Share/CSA members have enjoyed their experience with our farm enough to sign up again next season. In all honesty, I reflect on this many times during the season, but August marks the start of some predicting and number crunching for the season to come. How many strawberries to plant for our farm share members? It's quite an investment. It will top a 4000 dollar investment to just get the plants here and planted for a 300 member farm share. Then we carefully tend to them. 

We hope that you've enjoyed your farm share this season and we hope that you will allow us to be your farm family again. Don't forget that you can get a 25.00 credit to spend on extra items with our "Refer a Friend" program.

Here's a picture of the boys and I doing our after school homework!