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Week 9

Posted on June 24th, 2020 by Ford Waterstrat

What's up with the photo? Please continue Reading.

KY is so beautiful this time of year. The rain almost seemed to make the crops "jump" in size overnight. My boys went out the next day and said... Dad- the sweet corn doubled in size. Unfortunately, sweet corn- like strawberries are very difficult to grow well organically in KY. We won't dwell on that though. However-we don't anticipate a lot of sweet corn this year. 

We've seen some watermelons and cantaloupes the size of a softball, the red slicing tomatoes are starting to ripen, the green beans, eggplant, bell peppers, and other summer favorites are looking good. Short side note- Did you know that your summer favorites like tomatoes, peppers, green beans corn aren't typically planted in the field until the 2nd week of May- that's because the average last "frost date" is May 12th- Do you remember that late freeze we had in early May? Most tomatoes, peppers green beans, and other such things take 60-70-80 days to be ready for harvest...and that's after starting the seeds in the greenhouse in March- 3 months minimum-90-120 days to get you those summer favorites. The picture is from March 18th 2020. Thousands of tomato and bell pepper seeds just starting their journey to your plates.

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Sincerely, Farmer Ford