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"Garden Tomatoes" and Watermelons

Posted on July 26th, 2019 by Ford Waterstrat

The tomatoes in your shares for the next several weeks will have a wonderful garden tomato flavor. We also describe them as "Garden Tomatoes" because in a wet year like we've had its very hard to raise a blemish free tomato. So its likely that your tomatoes will have some tops that need to be cut off. We will provide you with a couple of extra tomatoes to make up for the tops that you might have to cut off.

Many of you will be receiving watermelons in your shares this week. There are several "signs" that tell us that the watermelon is ripe and ready for you to enjoy, but occasionally you will find that your melon is not ripe! What a bummer. Please let us know if you receive one of these duds and we'll create a credit into your account.