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Heat, Heat, Heat!

Posted on June 1st, 2023 by Farm Manager

In celebration of summertime warmth, we have two special heat-inspired products available for your boxes this week! Our Red Hot Chili Salt adds a bit of spice when sprinkled onto sliced up cucumbers (or baked into brownies!) and also makes a delightful finishing salt to a bloody mary or margarita. Our Garlic Chili Sauce is a bold, vibrant addition to anything from eggs, tacos or ramen, but also makes a beautifully balanced dipping sauce when mixed with honey. This sauce is raw active ferment, so remember to keep it in the fridge!

At last it's warm enough to get our heat-loving plants in the ground. We're so grateful for our amazing hard working crew- between harvesting, washing, and packing over 500 bunches of radishes, 250 lbs of spinach, 150 lbs of lettuce mix, 15 crates of cucumbers, and 300 lbs of rhubarb, we worked together planted thousands of pepper and summer squash plants this past week.

Josh here actually seems to be a ray of sunshine himself - he's always dancing around, making us laugh and checking to make sure we're all in a good spot before heading on to whatever comes next. He's shown here, excited about serrano hot peppers getting in the ground! So many beautiful plants!