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The Pinnacle of Plenty

Posted on July 15th, 2021 by Danielle *Allen

As we delight in the height of summer, we give thanks for the amazing folks at NOFA-VT who made 75 delicious pizzas to ensure all of our guests were fed last Thursday evening. And thank you to our amazing crew who led farm tours and smoothly facilitated the parking brigade. We have one more event coming up Thursday August 12. There is still space! Sign up here! Nando from Moon and Stars will bring his fantastic Arepa truck back to Root 5 for some more food and fun! This time of year when fresh local food is at its peak, we've got everything from greens and peas to summer squash and beets. With so much variety and choice, it doesn't take much effort to create an amazing meal. We invite you to take full advantage of this time of plenty and don't forget to customize! Read on to find recipes and tips and tricks!


Tips and Tricks

  • Carrots! Snap off greens and store in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge. Bring your limp carrots back to life by soaking them in ice water to make them crisp again. For the most nutrients, eat carrots raw by cutting into sticks for a tasty snack or grating into salads.
  • Don't toss those greens! Did you know? You can eat beet, turnip, radish and carrot greens? Find delicious veggie top recipes here.
  • Cabbage: a very versatile crop! Sure, there's cole slaw, but did you know all varieties can be eaten raw or cooked? With its more delicate leaf, Napa makes a fresh, summer salad. Finely slice or grate Green or Purple varieties to add a little crunch to any raw dish. When cooked, the Green and Purple varieties make great additions to any stir fry or sauté.

Seasonal Recipes