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Peak Summer

Posted on August 10th, 2020 by Danielle Allen

I know many of you are going through your own version of working from home with young kids this summer, so I thought you'd appreciate this scene of our 4-year old son climbing on Ben's back while we're on our third hour of weeding beets in the hot sun, making hard work even harder. 

Farming is such physical work and it requires so much patience and stamina. These are not character traits that 4-year olds are known for, so every day on the farm with our son Garhett is full of compromises. But we're grateful, and the rewards are great. Today he plopped down in the turnip field while we were harvesting, happily decided he liked turnips, pulled out the biggest one he could find and started chowing down.

Your boxes will be heavy this week because watermelons are ripe, sweet, and delicious- the perfect food for this hot muggy weather! Cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and sweet peppers are all going strong, but summer squash and eggplants are winding down so please enjoy the last of these crops in your shares on Thursday. We have a small gap in salad greens because of the heat, but there are plenty more greens coming soon.