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Sarah's tomatoes

Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Danielle Allen

Sarah has worked at Root 5 Farm for 5 years and she is remarkable in every way. Every farm needs a Sarah. Her spirit, her humor and levity, her kindness and her work ethic. This lady HUSTLES on the farm all while cracking up anyone within a 50’ radius. If we had 100 Sarah's we could feed the whole state. One of Sarah's favorite jobs on the farm is pruning and trellising tomatoes. This task starts in April and must be done every week until September to keep the tomato plants healthy and productive. It can get incredibly hot in the hoop houses on a sunny day, and tomato plants leave a sticky bright green residue on your hands and arms that's rather unpleasant. But Sarah doesn't mind, in fact she loves the heat and she loves the meditative work of pruning, so she does it all with a smile. So next time you slice into a tasty ripe Root 5 tomato, thank Sarah.