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Goodbye Heat Dome! Hello Summer Veggies (like BULK BEANS)!

Posted on July 13th, 2020 by Robyn Calvey


The heat dome has left the farm!  Yup...a heat dome.  That is what the google called it when I looked up "when will the darn heat end in the midwest 2020 ?!?!".  The article said that it might last up to a month.  Well it lasted a VERY LONG two weeks at the farm and finally we are getting a break.  We are super thankful for the rain we got last week.  Much needed after all that heat.  In the meantime, the weeds alone have engulfed some crop at the farm.  This is heart breaking because we typically can keep up pretty darn well...when there is not a heat dome situation.  Farming and the weather never get along 100%.  This season is most definitely no exception.  


Although the heat dome has caused some issues in the fields (weed mania, disease disasters and pest parties) it also woke up some of the heat loving summer crops like tomatoes, peppers and green beans.  Slowly but surely you will start to see these staple summer items popping up in the shares, on the farm store shelves and on the farm market farm stand list.  


Speaking of BEANS!  BULK GREEN BEANS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  Click on the link to fill out our order form.  Cost varies depending on amount purchased ($2.85/lb- $3.50/lb) and orders can be delivered to your pickup site if you are a member.


Enjoy the non-heat dome weather! 


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