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The share season is coming to an end…now what!?!?

Posted on October 6th, 2023 by Robyn Calvey

The share season is coming to an end…now what!?!?

Great news for you! Since you are a current member you will automatically renew into the 2024 season. This is a setting in your Harvie account that you may or may not know about. PLEASE LOG IN TO CHECK YOUR STATUS of renewal to be sure that you are set to renew!

—go to - account - profile - subscription- adjust toggle button as needed—

Perhaps you don’t want to renew? No problem. You can log in as directed above and adjust your setting to NOT renew. Just remember, that about 75% of our members renew and if you choose to sign up at a later time, shares may be sold out. No pressure…just letting you know.

We will send you information closer to the auto renewal date (end of October) with all the details about how to modify your share for 2024 if needed. Keep reading for exciting new share options!

Season Length & Start Date- Timing is crucial for the start of the season and unpredictable weather is proving to be a challenge to small scale farmers. So for 2024, the first week of shares will be July 11, 2024 and the last day of the season will be October 24, 2024 for a total of 16 weeks of standard season shares. This is a shift from our normal start in mid June. This also means the shares will run later into the fall season- Yippie! We feel that this shift will allow us to have more variety in the first part of the season's shares AND better variety in the last shares of the season.

Large Share Retirement- After MANY seasons of having 3 size shares to choose from, we have decided to retire the “large” share size. If you are one of the <20 members who get a large share (hard cores!) you will renew into the medium size share. With Harvie’s ease of use, please remember that you can purchase extra items when available to add onto your share for the week.

Every Other Week Share Option- This is a big one for us and we are super excited to tell you about it! Rather than getting 16 weeks of shares in a row, you can opt to get your share every other week for a total of 8 shares during the season. Whether you have a small or medium share, this will now be an option.

Spring Share Retirement- The Spring Shares are amazing so you might be asking yourself…what!? With the Spring Share being a farm pick up only option, we feel that members will have a better experience and variety by simply shopping at the farm store. See Farm Store Share info below for more about a great alternative to the Spring Share.

Coffee Share Retirement- Unfortunately the coffee shares are not numerous enough for us to continue to offer them as an add-on share. Please visit Slo Food Market in Sheboygan to purchase this delicious coffee right from the source!

Introducing the Farm Store Shares- This is our latest and greatest idea! And it isn’t really a “share” like the others, so let us explain. Purchase a Farm Store Share and you get a prepaid card to use at our Farm Store for shopping in person 6 days a week, 6 months a year. Use it on produce, eggs, frozen meats, garden plants…anything that we sell in the farm store. Heck you can even use it for our preorder plant sale and “off-season” online store sales (all farm pick up). If your balance runs out, you can reload it at any time ($200 minimum). The prepaid cards do not expire. Consider a Vegetable Share/Farm Store Share combo for a maximum farm experience!

Share Type Price per week Total for Full Season Total for Every Other Week Season

Payment Option

Customizable Small Vegetable Share $30 $480 $240 Payment in full or payment plan
Customizable Medium Vegetable Share $45 $720 $360 Payment in full or payment plan
Bread Share* $8 $128 $64 Payment in full or payment plan
Pasta Share* $8 $128 $64 Payment in full or payment plan
Mushroom Share* $6.50 $104 $52 Payment in full or payment plan
Farm Store Share- prepaid card n/a $500 n/a  Payment in full


















*must have a Harvie share to purchase
**50% paid at sign up, 25% the first week of pickup, 25% divided equally across all pickups

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 920-539-2083 or email us at

We look forward to growing for you in the future and can’t thank you enough for all your support.

Until next Thyme…

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