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Farm Happenings for November 25, 2019

Posted on November 23rd, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

And the farm truck finally gave out on us!! 

This truck has seen us through lots of things... starting with our dating days.  It witnessed our engagement...took us on our honeymoon... brought our first baby home from the hospital ...and eventually got demoted to farm truck.  It has carried many totes of feed for the animals...and countless pounds of fresh produce from the garden to the coolers each day over many years.  And it also carried boats, bikes and picnic supplies for summer fun and swimming at the canal with the kids.  It has served us well for over 20 years!!

I guess it didn't get to retire with a reduced work load - it actually took on more work when it became a farm truck. 

But the last few years have been hard on it - and now the truck has finally quit running.  It's last trip will be to the wreckers :( 

It's going to be cold deliveries this week - so please remember to leave your cooler outside to protect your veggies.  They freeze fast in this weather!  

Chantal will be filling in for us this week and next as we hope to travel to the Fraser Valley BC to celebrate Tim's parents 50th wedding anniversary.  That's a huge milestone and we are looking forward to being there to celebrate with them.  

Take care and Tim will be back at the route again in December!