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Farm Happenings for November 23, 2020

Posted on November 19th, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

(Sorry! Thought we sent this email out yesterday!)

The snow is nearly melted...just a skating rink left of my yard!! Looking forward to enough of a chinook to melt it all away before the next snow of the season.  Not a lot of anything exciting on the farm this week....but by next week we hope to have new puppies again.  Jesse loves the dogs (we all do!!!) but he was petting a very pregnant Lexie a few days ago and he said "Mommy I think Lexie needs some snuggles.)  Those dogs get very well loved (spoiled) by all of us!!  They are such great playmates for the kids...and I honestly think they love the kids as much as the kids love them.

We are keeping busy with planning for next year. Looking to start up much earlier than in previous years.  Hopefully within the next week of two we will have some details for you. 

Seed catalogs are not here yet.  But the cold days of winter will make that seed catalog look like a dash of summer in the middle of it all.  And it feels so good to be looking forward to summer again.  I know winter has hardly started.  But I am definitely more of a summer person than winter.  I love the warm days of summer when you don't need to make sure kids have coats on....and winter in my house...well....there always seems to be water on the floor from melting snow.  And snow suits are way more work to wash than bathing suits ;)   But winter has it's perks too....we fill the dugout as full as we can...and wait for it to freeze and then it is a daily skating party until spring arrives.  And my kids have figured out how to snowboard behind the quad in the ditches...(farmer style snowboarding)..needless to say they now love a good drifting north wind to fill the ditches up for many hours of fun!!

So I guess I do like winter after all...cozy hot chocolate and stories with the kids....and in the winter storms....I count the blessing of having a roof over my head to keep out the weather!!

We hope you are all doing well....we miss seeing you like we used to...but I hope my short newsletter help to bridge the gap a little bit.

Take care!!