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Farm Happenings for October 19, 2020

Posted on October 15th, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

Fall (winter??) has arrived!  We woke up to -6 this morning...with lots more cold, wet weather coming up this weekend.  This is when we are thankful for home delivery.  At least they get to warm up in between stops. 

This will put a complete wrap on the gardens...but the only thing left out there now is some carrots and beets and potatoes.  All the rest is cleaned up again till next year.

We are so thankful for our other suppliers to keep the variety up...after the hail storm we really needed their additions to give you a balanced box.  We have some GOOD NEWS>>>We have some new additions to our share boxes.  We are adding LETTUCE from Inspired Greens.  They are doing what we attempted to do in one of our greenhouses...and the results are amazing!  The lettuce is grown hydroponically and is pesticide free.  The addition of lights allows them to continue growing all year long.  We have enjoyed this lettuce ourselves and we hope you will enjoy this addition as well!

We are also adding Noble Meadows product to the list.  This is from a neighbor goat dairy.  They are friends of ours and have been hit hard since Covid.  They previously sold most of their product (all grown, milked, and processed on their family farm) to restaurants...but that market took a beating with the lockdown.  We are happy to give them an opportunity to sell their product and hope you will give it a try.  We are offering their Goat Feta Cheese (hello Greek Salad!!) and the soft goat cheese (like cream cheese).  Over the next few weeks we hope to offer a few more of their products. 

And one more new item on the list this week....Fresh Honey!  This is the honey that comes (partly) from the bee swarm we had on the farm a few years back.. Some of you will still remember it...But Mr. Freihout came out in his bee suit and swept thousands of bees into an empty hive.  And once he had the queen in the box the rest followed easily.  That hive has been rehomed and I faithfully get my honey from them every year.  

The lettuce will be standard in your share...but the cheese and honey products are there for you to swap in or add to your order.  

We realize that our vegetables shares have not been as much variety as we had hoped...because the hail storm made a quick end of lots of the nice summer crops (beans, cukes, berries, tomatoes, etc.) and we were forced to move into "fall" crops much sooner than we had hoped.  But we hope that you will appreciate these additions to our shares.  And if there is something specific that you would like to see us add to our supply...we are happy to look into more products for you.  We will continue to require any of our fellow producers to be committed to sustainable agriculture and will do our best to bring you top quality product each week.

Have a great week...dust off those snow shovels...pull out the winter coats...and get ready for winter!!