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Order date changed for Thanksgiving Day

Posted on October 7th, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving.

Since we are on a holiday week...we would like to get your orders a little early this week.  For Tuesday and Wednesday please have your orders in by Friday evening.  This will allow us to stay organized and also enjoy Thanksgiving Day off with the family.

The weather continues to hold very beautifully and we are going to go like crazy this weekend with carrot and potatoe digging.  It is hard job to get done....but better now than in the snow.  Last year we were digging in the snow and it is not a very fun job then.  We are so thankful for the remaining warm days of Autumn.

This is a busy weekend in our home...Nathan turns 6 tomorrow...and little Abigial is turning 1 on Monday!!!! Where has the time gone?  Our baby is walking...playing patty-cake...waving bye-bye..and trying to say "thankyou'...and we love her to bits....(even when she touches the mouse while I'm trying to type this newsletter:)

Have a wonderful weekend!