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Farm Happenings for July 8, 2019

Posted on July 7th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

We are praying for sunshine.  The cold lingers on and the crops are not growing.  It is not very good news to share but it is the truth.  The crops are all waiting in the gardens.  But nothing has grown in the last week at all!! Add to that a few light hail storms - nothing terrible for damage thankfully - but just enough force behind the little hail stones to still rip the leaves and make things look kinda ugly.  We have had lots of moisture - the 4x4 is in constant use - there's no getting in the garden without it these days.  

We continue to supplement our crops with greenhouse crops from Shirleys Greenhouse and are very thankful for their willingness to help us at this slow time of the year.  

On finding us at your delivery locations - the trailer has been permanently parked at one of our Calgary locations - so please be on the lookout for either our tan Caravan - or our white Dodge truck.  We are hoping to get Aaron to finish building our topper for the truck soon - but until then - mostly the van will be used for deliveries.  We do have a sign and will do our best to remember to take it along.

Thanks again for all your support - this is so far the hardest growing year we have ever experienced.  We have done our part by planting the crops and now we wait and hope and pray for some much needed sunshine and heat!