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Farm Happening for August 6

Posted on August 3rd, 2020 by Ilene Freedman


EXTRAS: Review the Extras for Sale List carefully on your Harvie options. At the bottom of the list are the special items we add to Extras, so look all the way down the offers. ENJOY!


WATERMELON--no doubling this item. 

TOMATOES--no tripling this item. See Extras for tomato boxes and flats for sale. Tomato flats for sale! Ten pound flats at wholesale rates.


You may double tomatoes. After that, please look at the Extras for Extra Tomato Boxes. And Tomato flats! We are selling these ten pound flats at wholesale prices. (But keep in mind: they are local, heirloom, certified organic, so they are more expensive than many comparisons.) We grow many more tomato plants than we need for CSA, counting on the extra income from tomato sales. Our heirlooms are for sale at The Common Market for $4.99/pound. As CSA members, you get a great deal. When you want extra tomatoes, please shop our Extras Sale for boxes and flats at wholesale rates.


Something special this season! We are offering watermelon as a CSA share item! Old members know that our sons always grew and sold the watermelons. Thank you for supporting them all these years! As busy teens, they decided not to grow the watermelons this year. So our farm volunteer team planted the watermelons and we are sharing them with you. Crimson Sweet is the variety, a pink (not so red) flesh. But so sweet! They are big watermelons, often weighing 15 pounds. We are cutting and carefully wrapping pieces for each share. Limit one piece per share. These are local, organic, heirloom variety watermelons, with seeds. Share your joy with us, we could use a boost during the mid-season heat.


We are excited to offer you organic pastured eggs from Nick’s Organic Farm. These chickens are pecking around on the pasture, just like you want chickens to be doing. Nick farms just a couple miles from here. Nick is the model for excellent standards in egg production. He actually grows the certified organic grains that he feeds his chickens! We buy organic grain from Nick for our poultry. Nick will accept returns of his clean empty cartons (no returns of other cartons at this time, please). If we support Nick well, he will have eggs for us on a regular basis. For sale in the Extras.  


Pesto is a taste of summertime. I freeze pesto in small jars so I can enjoy it during the winter as well. It’s great on pasta, with vegetables and rice, on pizza instead of tomato sauce or on sandwiches. Here is my recipe for pesto, as well as a harvesting tip for those growing basil at home. I skip the cheese during cooking and freezing (it’s delicious without cheese because of the nuts), and then just add some on my plate if I want it. Here's my recipe.


Mother Earth News (MEN) magazine has been a leading homesteading resource since 1970. Why am I always posting Mother Earth News links? I write blogs for the magazine. Here is a bit of background on that. In 2012, I was invited to blog for Mother Earth News. A senior editor had “discovered” my little blog at! In 2013, they named our family Homesteaders of the Year and we gained some quirky fame and a lot of local and national publicity around that. You can see the article on the Veggie Shed wall. We also started giving presentations at MEN Fair in Pennsylvania and spoke in front of large audiences about gardening and farming for about five years. I still write blogs for MEN. This year I won a contest among the bloggers. The blogs I published March-May 2020 were viewed the most of all the blogs published during that time (over 15,000 views during the three months), thanks to this popular post  I wrote calling people to action to start a modern day Victory Garden. And this one is published in the print magazine for Aug-Sept 2020, on magazine racks right now: Preserving Garlic for Year Round Use.  I love to write and teach; I can do both when I write blogs about farming and homesteading. Enjoy some reading and know that you are sharing your farmers with thousands of readers via Mother Earth News.