Farm Happenings at House in the Woods Farm
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Farm Happenings at House in the Woods Farm

Farm Happening for July 29, 2021

Posted on July 26th, 2021
ADMIN One word POTATOES! WHAT’S GROWING ON:  We grow two types of Potatoes this year, Kennebec (a old heirloom) and Gold Gem a new early variety   EGGPLANT The beautiful eggplant are here! We grow Italian eggplants (the big ones) and Asian varieties (long and skinny). You will have1 read more »

Farm Happening for July 22, 2021

Posted on July 18th, 2021
ADMIN EXTRA, EXTRA! Check out the Extras for sale. You can add to your order: extra produce, flats of tomatoes, pastured eggs from Nick's Organic Farm, and beautiful cards with farm photos. Click on the Extras to check it all out. WHAT’S GROWING ON: TOMATOES! I hope you are savoring those hei1 read more »

Farm Happening for July12,, 2021

Posted on July 11th, 2021
ADMIN BEETS AND TOMATOES THIS WEEK!  Now that I have your attention....double check you closed all the fridges before your leave...please check your name off the list so we know you came...These may seems like small things but they are very important to us...Thanks! What to do with your share?1 read more »

Farm Happening for July 8, 2021

Posted on July 5th, 2021
ADMIN Have you noticed a crop in the Veggie Shed that wasn’t available to you on Harvie? Take, for example, green peppers. There are limited shares available, as their harvest begins. When this happens, the shares go straight into some boxes and there might not be any available to swap. Rest1 read more »