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Farm Happening for July 30 week

Posted on July 27th, 2020 by Ilene Freedman


EXTRA! EXTRA! TOMATOES--Tomato boxes are available for sale as Extras. A 2+ pound box of mixed heirlooms and reds for $6 (box value $8-12). This is a steal for organic tomatoes! The Common Market is featuring our heirloom and red tomatoes right now, but you get them straight from the farm. 

Going on vacation? You can go to your Harvie profile and switch the date of your pickup to a different week, even if that means you’ll pick up double another week. Or you can switch the location of your share to Donate to the Food Bank and we will include your share in our delivery to the Frederick Food Bank. It is a great way to support our community. Please make these changes a week in advance before we customize shares. 


Tomatoes are reaching peak production, a late start for us due to the May freeze. But we are so glad they are here now! Zucchini, yellow patty pan and cucumbers continue to produce. We have planted second sets of plants to keep them going, so you get to enjoy these crops into August. We continue to harvest lettuce, because Phil is a magician. His lettuce varieties thrive in the heat. If they start to have a tinge of bitterness, just be amazed that you have August lettuce and use a thicker or sweeter salad dressing, like Ranch or Russian. Harvesting soon: onions and potatoes. 


Cherry tomatoes are popping! Cherry tomatoes are U-PICK, conveniently located steps from the Bean Hut. They are called Candy Lane, probably because those orange Sungolds are so very sweet. You will probably just eat them in the car on the way home. I try to keep paper lunch bags on the table in the Veggie Shed for you to use for U-Pick. Help yourself. At the end of the row, you will find little red tomatoes that grow in convenient mini six packs. These are called Matt’s Wild Cherries and they have an old fashioned classic tomato flavor, not as super sweet as Sungolds. Enjoy Candy Lane! The U-PICK green bean row is fading fast, but we have a new row coming soon.