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Farm Happening for July 20 week

Posted on July 20th, 2020 by Ilene Freedman


Regarding tomato boxes--Limit 2 per share. Soon we will offer tomato boxes and flats for sale as extras, as well. Stay tuned!


Have you enjoyed connecting with the farm? That’s what we do. It’s our original mission to help people connect with the land, food and community. To know where your food comes from and how it grows. To connect to that process by witnessing it, understanding it, and maybe even participating in it. Have your or your kids had a chance to get involved yet? Reach out to me for guidance. Find me in the garden and I will show you what’s growing (or text Ilene at 301-461-6575 to set this up). I wrote a guest blog entry for Envision Frederick a bunch of years includes several snap-shot stories of people on the farm with a tomato cameo. I hope you enjoy it.


U-Pick crops are a great way to participate on the farm. Picking green beans and cherry tomatoes taps into the joy of gathering your food straight from the source. The kids love it! But fun for all ages. It’s great to see so many people picking beans. The crop does best when the beans are picked out each week, so you are helping by picking! Enjoy them. There is also the Bean Hut! It is full of long purple beans hanging down, perfect for picking from any height. Cherry tomatoes should be ripening at top speed now. Monica dubbed the row Candy Lane years ago, and the name has stuck. Those orange Sungolds are sweet as candy! Find a paper lunch bag on the table in the Veggie Shed for gathering if you like. The Herb Garden has lots to offer. Flag down Phil or I(lene) for a little tour of the herbs you can be enjoying. 


We are growing ratatouille! Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini. Explore eggplant recipes, including ratatouille.


Now that we have tomatoes, the summer sandwiches were never this easy! Add a sliced heirloom tomato and it will elevate a sandwich. Goes great with pesto, grilled cheese, hummus, turkey...everything except peanut butter and jelly!