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Pop-Up Week #2-order

Posted on October 19th, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It looks like winter is definitely coming! But we've still got produce, so grab it while it lasts. This is the time of year when we start to get VERY wishy washy when people ask us how long we will have this-or-that crop, just because it's really impossible to know. We have lots of salad mix and spinach growing under cover in our hoops, and we have microgreens already seeded for 2 weeks out and plan to keep seeding them, but the actual 'growing' of the crops at this point in the year is very touch and go. When the temps are very cold (maybe single digits!), even cold-hardy crops will cease growing and may or may not survive at all. So here's what we do know...we have some fresh fall produce that we're harvesting this week to put in Farm Stand boxes. We hope to be able to do more Farm Stand boxes in the next few weeks, but we really can't guarantee it with the frigidly cold forecast we're looking at!

How's it work? We've made a couple of adjustments to our Farm Stand boxes since they're no longer happening concurrently with our regular CSA season. 

1) Price -- Since it's the Fall/Winter season now, we really don't have as much variety, so we've adjusted the box price to be a little bit lower ($22.50). You can still up the value of your box by simply purchasing multiples of an item, but for those that really like the variety, it's easier to fill your box with fewer items. 

2) Pick Ups -- Our on farm pick up is the same, Friday afternoons from 2-5. But since the Farmers Market at Libby is over for the season, we're moving our pick up day and shortening the time window. Our new Libby pick up window will be on Fridays from 12-1. The pick up location is at the same spot (where the market is located), but since it is no longer associated with the market, it's called 'Pop-Up Fireman's Park'. We'll just be parked in the parking lot, with a table set up so that we can still put out your box for a contact-less grab! As before, if you miss your pick up in Libby, you can still grab your box on Farm during the window. Any other problems with pick ups, just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

3) Extras -- We don't have many extras anymore, but what we do have is CARROTS. We're digging the rest of our storage carrots this week and plan to have them available in 5lb. increments ($2/lb.). We'll have these bulk bags available to purchase as an extra for a Farm Stand box, but for those that don't purchase a box -- we will STILL have these bulk bags of carrots available. We're going to dig the carrots, find out how much we've got, and get organized (i.e. send out an email and take orders for folks wanting carrots). 

WARNING -- We're definitely limited to how much we can harvest at this time of year, so the Farm Stand will close once we've hit our box target. So be sure to jump in and grab one before we run out! 

As always, just let us know if you have any questions. We'll be out digging, washing, picking, bunching, and cutting in whatever weather this week throws at us. We've still got some major tasks ahead (Garlic planting!), and are still keeping up with our wholesale orders, but our season is definitely slowing down. We hope all of you that garden are able to wrap up as many tasks as you hope to this week, it's always a bummer when winter hits before your pre-winter checklist is done, but at least a covering of snow will block out the reminders of all the tasks left undone, right?!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie