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CSA Week #4

Posted on June 5th, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

'Show Me the Broccoli!!' That's what I imagine some of you saying right now. We're realizing some of the complications of customizing shares and one is that you have to be really good at estimating what your harvest WILL be about a week out. We're pretty good at doing that for some crops, but others (like broccoli) are tougher. The past couple of weeks, we've stood out at the brassica block and scratched our heads and decided, 'naw, it looks like it's about done'. So we didn't want to put broccoli in our estimate when we weren't sure we'd even have some. Fast forward 6 days, and there's 30lbs right where we'd been looking, lol. Broccoli can be an extremely fast growing crop (up to an inch a day!), but we're not willing to bank on it yet. So there will be a bunch of broccoli at the market stand tomorrow. If anyone would like to purchase broccoli (or anything else) in addition to your shares, you can just ask Rudy for it at pick up rather than waiting in line - just another perk of being a CSA Member or Farm Stand subscriber!

Did you hear the exciting news? We're the proud owners of an Old-New box van. We had a short notice weekend mission to go check out this van we found on Craigslist, and are super happy that it worked out. We've started working on retrofitting the back so we can keep your vegetable boxes and other produce cool. We are so happy to have more room as we were bursting at the seams in our little market trailer and were starting to worry as tomato season is right around the corner. The first ripe cherry tomatoes showed up this week. It's only a few right now, but once we have a week or two of warmer weather, we anticipate the regular picking will begin. 

Cheers, Bonnie & Rudy