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CSA Week #3

Posted on May 29th, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Whew! This heat! We had to quit early today because it got way too hot for any planting to take place. We're hoping to get an early start and beat the heat tomorrow to put some more plants in the ground. Tomorrow's planting will be inside a tunnel, we decided to hold off on more field planting till after the possible hard rain/hail. That just doesn't seem like a very good introduction to the world for a freshly transplanted start!

We'll be picking the very first of this year's carrots next week for CSA shares. We're not quite sure of the harvest, so we're not going to promise them in all of the shares this week. But not to worry if you don't get a bunch in your box, there will be MANY more carrots to come..and soon! 

The exciting news of the week for us is that we have new Neeeiiighbors (sorry, couldn't help it!). We lease our main 'Bend Plot' so the horses aren't ours, but it's still fun to have them in the field adjacent to us. It feels much more farmy when there are 4-legged creatures running around - besides gophers! 

Hope you all have fun cooking/eating your vegetables this week. Enjoy the warm weather! 

Cheers, Bonnie & Rudy

FARM STAND - This is the first week that we'll be offering a few extra boxes to our farm stand list. We're starting off slowly, so if you are on our list and don't snag a box for this week - don't worry, we plan to increase our box offerings to the list as the summer moves on!