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Week #2

Posted on May 22nd, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

See you all at pickup tomorrow! Just wanted to include a note about a bug in the Harvie system that you may have noticed. If you've paid for some or all of your season with an offline payment (cash or check), then you might have seen that your share summary for this week implied that you will still be charged in full.  That's not the case, it's simply an error in how share summaries are displayed when linked to offline payments. Thank you to Cheryl, one of our members, for bringing this to our attention. We passed it on to the Harvie team and they are working on fixing it so it will show your share summaries correctly, even if you paid offline. I don't know if we were their first farm to bring this up, but they are very responsive to issues so let us know if you see any more! 

We're almost done harvesting for the week, with just a little bit to finish up tomorrow morning. We both had to laugh at the end of the day today. We've been struggling to get a super early start (like we typically start to do during the summer), and today we found out why. It hadn't been necessary yet! When the heat turned on today, we both suddenly felt much more supportive of moving the old alarm clock back another hour, lol! 

A lot of great items coming available in your shares this week and we hope you are enjoying the recipes that come along with them. These are specific to what you have in your box, so it may be different for another member in a given week. Did you get Napa Cabbage? Think kimchee. How about kale? The kale is super tender right now, maybe a massaged kale salad would be in order! Bok Choy? Sounds like stir fry! Have fun with cooking, and remember that we love to hear about any excellent kitchen creations!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie


PS. We're loving how busy the market has been these last couple of weeks! Most customers seem to come in the first hour from 3-4, so we're asking that any members that aren't particular on when they come to pick up there box try to come after 4. We'll be keeping the boxes cool in our trailer and with the ability to customize, we hope that will free some folks up from needing/wanting to show up right at market opening.