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Farm Happenings for December 15 , 2020

Posted on December 5th, 2020 by Patricia Gladney-Heatherington

Popcorn on the cob! We love showing this to kids (both young and old) ... although not as effective you can pop it while it is still on the cob which is just mind blowing. A fun job for the little ones to shell it off the cob and then watch it pop into a nice healthy treat.

Of course healthy popcorn is kinda like a baked potato - it depends on how much other stuff is added. Might want to try some by itself as there is a rather nice subtle flavor - I personally am happy just adding some BRAGGS nutritional yeast as a seasoning. Have with your own flavor profile.

Best to eat it freshly popped if possible - if you have a microwave and a brown lunch sack it is not much to pop up a quick snack... of course the stovetop and air popper are easy alternatives too. Pop in a movie and there you have COVID friendly family night!