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Growings On 4/1/19

Posted on April 1st, 2019 by Kirsten Simmons

It feels incredibly chaotic on the farm, but when I take a step back it's really amazing how well everything is coming along.  This is the first season where everything has been in the ground pretty much on time!  We're hitting some bumps with seeds germinating through the wood chip mulch, but all of our greens are coming in from the field and we have some root veg coming along nicely.  The strawberries will go into the field this week after a marathon compost spreading session (shout out to member Rachel Guilfoyle for helping!!) and we're taking delivery of two shipping containers this afternoon to allow us to move our future egg layers into their own spacious new digs.  

It's also time to start thinking about the spring farm share season!  It starts on April 21st.  Those of you who are signed up to auto-renew will be getting an email sequence before your cards are charged.  Y'all have priority for spots in the next season.  That's actually going to be a thing this time around, because I'd planned for us to be at 35 shares for spring and we've got 32 members in winter.  I'm debating whether we can grow faster than the plans called for - a good problem to be considering!