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Growings On 6/12/22

Posted on June 12th, 2022 by Kirsten Simmons

Well, we got our first nutrient spray out, and the first thing that's obvious is that the hand pump backpack sprayer we were using for compost tea is woefully inadequate. Battery powered sprayer coming in next week. The second issue I'm still working on - we're also supposed to run nutrient solution through our irrigation system once a week. Except that our irrigation system is an overhead circular sprinkler with a 60 ft radius that gets moved around the fields. We don't have enough water pressure to run more. Still trying to work that one out, but I think the arrival of the battery sprayer may help. I think I can approximate a fertigation by spraying the nutrient drench at the base of the plants and turning on the sprinkler afterwards to flush the solution into the soil. Fingers crossed!