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Growings On 10/6/19

Posted on October 6th, 2019 by Kirsten Simmons

It's pumpkin time!! Yesterday we unloaded 2,654 large pumpkins from a 52ft tractor trailer, and as of this evening approximately 2,599 were left.  We've done over a thousand in sales in the first day! 

The pumpkins are an annual tradition on the farm.  We partner with the Navajo nation, and they send us the product without requiring any upfront payment.  Instead, we report our daily sales totals and send a percentage of the money back at the end of the sale.  If all goes well this year, we'll sell around $25,000 in pumpkins, which means we'll send 62.5% of the total back to the Navajo and split the remainder between the farm, the Language Garden preschool and the church.  Our portion of the profits will help cover operating expenses between December and February, when the CSA and farm stand are closed.  

In other news, we have a whole cow and whole pig on order from Woodland Valley, scheduled to be delivered by the 18th.  So while I know our meat options are pretty slim at the moment, they'll be replenished soon!