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Growings On 7/7/19

Posted on July 8th, 2019 by Kirsten Simmons

It's amazing the difference that location makes!  This past Saturday I sold at Piedmont Green Market for the first time.  I'm limited in what I can offer - just eggs and shiitakes - but in four hours I sold $431 worth.  This is on a holiday weekend, so slower foot traffic.  After market I touched base with the top vendor at Decatur, and he only sold about $350 worth of product.  That means that I would have struggled to make more than $100 at Decatur with a full table of products.

I need to be making around $500 per market, so there's a bit of boosting to be done at Piedmont yet.  But I'm within shouting distance, which makes me incredibly happy.  Hopefully next year I can expand my offerings there, and also add some of the other high traffic markets in Atlanta.