Farm Happenings at Cherry Valley Organics
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Farm Happenings at Cherry Valley Organics


Posted on November 8th, 2018
Last week, we said good bye to Elena. She's been a constant helper in our fields all season long. Harvesting, packing, delivering, she's done it all. This year wouldn't have been a success without her efforts. we'll miss her on he farm and wish her well as she leaves to begin nursing school. read more »


Posted on November 1st, 2018
I'm continually amazed by how fast mushrooms grow. Every morning when I pull into the farm driveway, I look to my left to see whether our mushrooms logs have fruited. Sometimes I see tiny pins forming which means mushrooms are only a day or two away.  We grow our oyster and shiitake mushrooms on... read more »

Black Spanish Radishes

Posted on October 27th, 2018
From ground cherries to patty pan squash and from sunflower shoots to frisee, we enjoy growing uncommon produce. One of my personal favorites is Black Spanish Radish. This giant and spicy root adds pizzazz to winter salads. Or slice paper thin, and marinate with vinaigrette to make a simple radish salad.... read more »

Green Peppers

Posted on October 20th, 2018
Our cooler is now piled high with green peppers that we harvested right before our first killing frost of the fall. These gems are perfect for salads and stuffing. We're also harvesting our first fall cabbage this week. Don't overlook the daikons either. We grew a half-long variety called 'Alpine' with... read more »

Rhubarb, not only a spring treat

Posted on October 13th, 2018
We started our rhubarb from seed early this spring, and even though it's typically grown for a spring crop, we're excited to be harvesting now. That's right - rhubarb in October (Did someone say rhubarb-apple crisp?).  Our variety, 'Glaskins Perpetual' is uber-productive and is the only rhubarb... read more »

Keep those blooms coming

Posted on October 6th, 2018
Warm fall weather means our flowers are still in bloom! Our fields are brilliant with sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and many other gorgeous flowers. Check out the add-ons available with this week's farm share for options to keep those blooms coming to brighten up your home. Even though our subscription... read more »


Posted on September 26th, 2018
My favorite butternut squash to grow and to eat is 'butterscotch' from Johnny's Selected Seeds. This small sized squash packs in the flavor, having won taste tests for its rich, sweet flavor. When cooking, I appreciate its smaller size because it's easier to prepare and bakes more quickly than bigger... read more »

Winter Squash

Posted on September 22nd, 2018
As fall begins, it's time to start enjoying winter squash. We have 600 pounds of Festival dumpling in from the field. This sweet and dry textured squash will be on the menu from now through December. In the next week or two, we'll harvest the butternut - great for making pumpkin pies - and delicata -... read more »

Transition to fall

Posted on September 15th, 2018
You'll find some farm share postcards in your bag this week. Please give these to friends and neighbors. We're working to add 30 new members in September. For each friend who signs up, you'll receive $15 toward a 2019 farm share. We have a long and varied menu this week. Summer's tomatoes, cucumbers,... read more »