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About us

Cherry Valley Organics began in 2001 as a USDA certified organic farm, producing a high diversity of agricultural products, including vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and potted plants. Since those early years, we have grown into an organic lifestyle company, producing a wide diversity of products that support a clean, organic lifestyle, including our herbal teas and herbal body care products, all of which are grown or hand-made at our farm.  

At Cherry Valley Organics, we believe in…

*Living the healthiest life possible (full of organics!)
*Fair, livable wages for our team members
*USDA certified organic growing and production practices
*Minimizing our carbon footprint and ecological impact
*Supporting our local community

Cherry Valley Organics is a collaboration. Unlike traditional family farms, we come from diverse geographical, family, and professional backgrounds. We are growers, scientists, food & health enthusiasts, teachers, caretakers, chefs, and nutritionists. We are all farmers. And, all of us here at Cherry Valley Organics are committed to growing and producing high quality certified organic products for our community. We would never compromise on organics. Ever.

Cherry Valley Organics, founded by Jodi Danyo, began as a one-third-acre “urban farm” in the Pittsburgh suburb of Crafton, Cherry Valley Organics now encompasses approximately 36 acres in nearby Cherry Valley, Washington County, PA. Despite this expansion, the footprint of the operation is still quite small with farming operations encompassing less than 8 acres. The farm was built, quite literally, from the ground up!

Our Farm Share Growers, Emily Kramer, Vanessa Davis, Lindsay Henry, Alexis Williams, and Alliy Gundlach, love producing high quality organic products for our local Pittsburgh communities. You can find our products at the Sewickley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays (April through November), and also at local florists and specialty shops.  In 2018, we opened a Farm Market & Cafe along the Panhandle Trail in Burgettstown, PA.

What makes our Farm Share unique?

*We wash the produce.  Thoroughly.  You are unlikely to get any mud in your CVO Farm Share bag.  We still recommend that you wash our veggies, but many items will be ready to eat (and may make for excellent snacking in the car on the way home from the pick-up location).

*High diversity of veggie crops.  We grow over 150 varieties of vegetables and herbs per season, on average.

*Specialty crops, like microgreens.  It's a bit unusual to see this high value crop in farm share programs.  They are a bit tricky to grow, but wow do they pack a nutritional punch!  Despite their small size, they are the most nutritious veggie in the share!

*We believe in minimizing our environmental impact, and we use biodegradable and compostable packaging wherever possible.  And we have a variety of new packaging products in the works for 2021.

*Specialty cut flowers are a niche crop for us.  We grow many of the hard-to-grow flower varieties like Ranunculus, Bells of Ireland, Delphinium, and more.  Many more.  Nearly 300 varieties!  Our flowers are not your run of the mill market flowers.  Our bouquets are carefully crafted, and absolutely gorgeous!

*We have extensive partnerships with other local businesses and farms, including Primrose Farm (pasture-raised eggs), Paul Family Farms (maple syrup), Tait Farm (jams, butters, shrubs), Weatherbury Farm (flours, milled products), Big Bob's Honey (honey), Clarion River Organics (potatoes, sweet potatoes, melons, winter squash), Woolf Family Farms (blueberries, apples, peaches), Cherish Creamery (cheese), Emerald Valley Artisans (cheese), Steel Cup Coffee Roasters (organic, fair-trade coffee), Conover Family Farm (pickles, hot sauce) and more!  A selection of these items is available on a weekly basis and can be added onto your Veggie Farm Share in any quantity you choose.  We believe in the value of small business and keeping dollars in our Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Farm Happening for September 29th

Posted on September 24th 2021 by Jodi Danyo

New this Week in Your Shares: Green Beans, Cucumbers, and Dinosaur Kale are back in limited quantities!   Featured from Our Farm Partners:   Primrose Farm Bread and Butter Pickles and a diverse selection of cheeses from Cherish Creamery, Broadrun Farm, Pleasant Lane Farm, and Goat Rodeo Woolf Farm Apples continue....       Customer... read more »

Basil, Sweet
Green Beans
Cabbage, Green
Cucumbers, Pickling
Daikon Radish
Eggplant, Japanese
Fennel, bulb
High Bush Cranberries
Kale, Red Russian
Lettuce, Romaine
Micro Greens
Melons, Cantaloupe
Mustard Greens
Onion, Yellow Storage
Parsley, Italian Flat
Peas, Snap
Pumpkin, Pie
Salad Greens
Chard, Swiss
Tomato, Mixed Heirloom
Winter Squash, Angel Hair
Summer Squash and Zucchini
Mushrooms, Oyster
Mushrooms, Shiitake
Peas, Sugar Snap
Salad Mix
Ground Cherries
Potted Plant
Mushroom Log
Lip Balm
Lip Gloss
Bath Bag
Bath Salts
Gift Bags
Smudge Sticks
Peppers, Mixed Hot
Peppers, Sweet Bell
Edible Flowers
Broccoli Raab
Red Onions
Pea Shoots
Bok Choy
Pickled Banana Peppers
Sweet Corn
Dilly Beans
Perpetual Spinach
Sweet Potato
Big Bob's Honey
Tait Farm Foods Shrub
Tait Farm Foods
Paul Family Farms Maple Syrup
Conover Farm Hot Sauce
Tait Farm Foods Honey Mustard
Primrose Farm Pickled Jalapenos
Mint, Apple
Steel Cup Coffee
Oregano, Greek
Dried Herbs
Herb-Infused Vinegar
Asian Greens
Garden Cress
Whole Turkey (frozen)
Cabbage, Red
Basil, Thai
Basil, Tulsi
Basil, Lemon
Basil, Cinnamon
Chives, Garlic
Cucumbers, Slicing
Eggplant, Italian
Peppers, Jalapeno
Peppers, Cayenne
Peppers, Ancho Poblano
Kale, Lacinato (Dino)
Kale, Curly
Lettuce, Butterhead
Honeydew Melon
Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Spearmint
Mint, Orange
Mint, Pineapple
Parsley, Curly
Peas, Sugar Snap
Peas, Snow
Sage, Pineapple
Thyme, Lemon
Tomatoes, Plum/Paste
Tomatoes, Slicing
Winter Squash, Butternut
Winter Squash, Kabocha
Winter Squash, Acorn
Winter Squash, Delicata
Summer Savory
Basil, Red Opal
Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax
Eggplant, Specialty
Peppers, Specialty Sweet
Peppers, Shishito
Chard, Barese
Lettuce, Red Leaf
Onion, Sweet
Onion, Blush
New Fire Red Leaf Lettuce
Bronze Butterhead Lettuce
Hakurei Salad Turnips
Cherish Creamery Lucinda's Dream (8 oz)
Healthy Greens Microgreens
Primrose Farm Red Raspberry Jam
Tait Farm Foods - Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sauce
Edible Chives Flowers (30 ct)
Tait Farm Foods - Fig & Honey Conserve
Primrose Farm Bread and Butter Pickles
Mixed Radishes
Muscle Soothing Salve (1.75 oz)
German Chamomile Flowers (50 ct)
Weatherbury Farm Polenta (2 lbs)
Paul Family Farms Maple Syrup (pint)
Weatherbury Farm Rolled Oats (2 lbs)
Primrose Farm Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs
Celery Leaf
Cutting Celery Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Dried Cinnamon Basil (0.5 oz.)
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Dried Lemon Basil (0.5 oz.)
Summer Thyme Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Catnip Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Dried Stevia (0.5 oz.)
Dried Sweet Basil (0.5 oz.)
Dried Thai Basil (0.5 oz.)
Dried Lemon Thyme (0.5 oz.)
Stevia Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Lemon Basil Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Lemongrass Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
German Winter Thyme Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Lemon Verbena Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Berggarten Sage Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Tait Farm Foods - Strawberry Rhubarb Conserve
Dried Rosemary (0.5 oz.)
Dried Sage (0.5 oz.)
Nufar Sweet Basil Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Tricolor Sage Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Tait Farm Foods - Wild Blueberry Shrub
Mojito Mint Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Tait Farm Foods - Salted Caramel Apple Conserve
Hidcote Lavender Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Orange Mint Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
French Fringed Lavender Potted Plant (3.5" pot)
Lavender Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Tait Farm Foods - Blackberry Jam
Tait Farm Foods - Sour Cherry Jam
Lemon Cilantro Cider Vinegar (10 oz)
Clarion River Organics - Sauerkraut
Tait Farm Foods - Grapefruit Shrub
Italian Blend Cider Vinegar (10 oz)
Tait Farm Foods - Apple Butter
Peppermint Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Ylang Ylang Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Peppermint & Tea Tree Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Sweet Orange Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Lemon Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Lavender & Tea Tree Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Weatherbury Farm Sifted Pastry Flour (2 lbs)
Comfrey Salve (1.75 oz)
Unscented Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Herbal Vapor Salve (1.75 oz)
Weatherbury Farm Cornmeal (2 lbs)
Comfrey Lavender Salve (1.75 oz)
Dried 100% Organic Catnip (0.75 oz)
Comfrey Salve (0.4 oz)
Weatherbury Farm Whole Wheat Bread Flour (2 lbs)
Comfrey Lavender Salve (0.4 oz)
Muscle Soothing Salve (0.4 oz)
Clarion River Organics Bloody Mary Mix
Organic Cat Toy
Tait Farm Foods - Raspberry Shrub
Licorice Herbal Tea (16 tea bags)
Pineapple Sage & Rosemary Herbal Tea (16 tea bags)
Vanilla Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Tulsi Herbal Tea (16 tea bags)
Rosemary Gardener's Soap (5 oz)
Citrus Kitchen Soap (5 oz)
Rose Geranium Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Herbal Vapor Salve (0.4 oz)
Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Kitchen Soap (5 oz)
Rosemary & Garlic Cider Vinegar (10 oz)
Clarion River Organics - Pickled Hot Shoestring Peppers
Lemon Herbal Tea (16 tea bags)
Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea (16 tea bags)
Tait Farm Foods - Blueberry Preserves
Sunflower Shoots
Tait Farm Foods - Rhubarb Shrub
Mixed Specialty Cut Flower Bouquet
Steel Cup Ethiopia Medium Roast Coffee, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Steel Cup Sunset Decaf Dark Roast Coffee, Certified Organic (12 oz)
CVO's Chamomile Herbal Tea (100% Organic, 16 tea bags)
Cherish Creamery Garlic and Chive Chevre (6 oz)
Steel Cup Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Little Gem Romaine
Garlic Scapes (5 ct)
Lemon Verbena
Mixed Edible Flowers (50 ct)
Summer Thyme
Conover Farm Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
Steel Cup Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Coffee, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Steel Cup Honduras Light Roast Coffee, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Mixed Asiatic Lily Bouquet
Pak Choi
Lettuce, Bronze Butterhead
Lettuce, New Red Fire
Pac choi
Summer Squash & Zucchini
Lettuce, Little Gem
Pleasant Lane Farm Roasted Garlic Cheddar (cow's milk)
Pleasant Lane Farm Gouda (cow's milk)
Baby Leeks
Lettuce, Green Leaf
Garlic, Uncured
Baby Carrots
Cabbage, Green (small)
Cabbage, Green (medium)
Cabbage, Green (mini)
Mixed Sunflower Cut Flower Bouquet
Sweet Yellow Onions
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
Primrose Farm Nectarine Jam
Tait Farm Foods - Strawberry Dark Chocolate Sauce
Broadrun Farm Sweet Grass Cheese (organic cow's milk)
Steel Cup Columbia Medium Roast Blend, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Broadrun Farm Parmesan-Style Cheese (organic cow's milk)
Steel Cup French Extra Dark Roast Blend, Certified Organic (12 oz)
Cabbage, Green (large)
Sweet Corn (2 ears)
CRO Green Beans
CRO Purple Beans
CRO New Red Potatoes
Goat Rodeo Chevre - 6 oz (goat's milk)
Bulk Heirloom Tomato Seconds for Canning (approximately 50 lbs.)
Basil Microgreens
Cabernet Red Onions
CVO's Happy Blend Herbal Tea (100% Organic, 16 tea bags)
Goat Rodeo Hootenany - 4 oz (goat's milk)
Weatherbury Farm Spelt Berries
Weatherbury Farm Merlot Red Beans (2 lbs)
Clarion River Organics Original Pasta Sauce - 26 oz
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar Four Leaf Clover Cheddar - 6 oz (raw cow's milk)
Clarion River Organics Original Salsa - 11.25 oz
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar Bruschedda - 8 oz (raw cow's milk)
Smudge - Sage
Smudge - Cinnamon Basil
Smudge - Lemon Basil
Smudge - Sacred Basil
CVO's Organic Sage Smudge Sticks
Tait Farm Foods Lime Mint Shrub
Peppers, Anaheim Hot
Tait Farm Foods Peach Shrub
Conover Organic Farm Dill Pickle Slices
Batch Raspberry Almond Jam
CRO Red Seedless Watermelon
CRO Cantaloupe
Cherish Creamery Feta (6 oz)
Pleasant Lane Farm Secret Pizza Cheese
Tait Farm Foods Apricot Butter
Tait Farm Foods Tomato Brushetta
Tait Farm Foods Strawberry Basil Shrub
CRO Red Seedless Watermelons (small)
Primrose Farm Peach Jam
Tait Farm Foods Apple Pepper Jelly
Shallots (1/4 lb.)
CRO - Hot Banana Pepper Rings
CRO Red Potatoes (2 lb. bag)
Tait Farm Foods - Raspberry Dijon Vinaigrette
Cilantro, Petite
Tait Farm Foods - Herbal Balsamic Vinaigrette
Tait Farm Foods - GInger Peach Chutney
Arugula Microgreens
Paul Family Farms Maple Syrup (half pint)
Kabocha Squash (small)
Kabocha Squash (large)
Kabocha Squash (medium)
Vanilla Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Honey Oatmeal Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Peppermint & Tea Tree Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Lemongrass Everyday Soap (5 oz)
Vegan Unscented Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Vegan Cool Mint Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Tait Pancake Mix
Vegan Citrus Lip Balm (0.15 oz)
Winter Squash, Angel Hair Spaghetti
Slicing Cucumbers
Big Bob's Dilly Beans
Pumpkin, Pie (Small)
Pumpkin, Pie (Medium)
Pumpkin, Pie (Large)
Pumpkin, PIe (Extra Small)
Onion, Yellow Storage (2 lb. bag)
Pleasant Lane Roasted Garlic Cheese Curds
Goat Rodeo More Cowbell Artisan Cheese
Winter Squash, Angel Hair Spaghetti Squash (small)
Pleasant Lane Farmstead Cheddar
Goat Rodeo Wild Rosemary Artisan Cheese
Cherish Creamery Plain Cheddar Cheese Curds
Pleasant Lane Farmstead Cheddar Snacking Cheese (8 oz)