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Farm Happenings for June 30, 2020

Posted on June 24th, 2020 by Emily Asmus

Happy summer living, Happy summer blooming, happy summer eating everyone! We celebrated the longest day by u-picking lavender at Blue Mountain Lavender. I recommend this as a great family field trip. Our house smells so good now!

A few logistical Box things to cover. Some folks have been having a hard time with box customization. When I have played with the feature, I found it easier to "delete" items I didn't want in my share and "add" new items then to try to swap items 1:1. This will not change your overall "preferences" for future weeks. 

If you are registered for the "Flex" share your 18 weeks are automatically set to run through the end of September. If you'd like to skip boxes for this summer, "reschedule" them for October or November or earlier if you want 2 boxes certain weeks. 

Currently all products offered are available within the minimum $25 value of the box. As we move into summer bounty, certain high value items produced by other farmers may be only available as "extra" to purchase.

This is the week that we see the introduction of more heavy foods to compliment all the leafy greens. Carrots, beets, summer squash are all sizing up nicely. We had such a cool June that the tomatoes are off to a slow start. We won't be seeing much fruit before late July. 

From Miles Away Farm we have "Peach-Raspberry" jam this week, and from Montiellet Fromagerie we are rotating in the La Fleur du Midi "(A Flower from the South) A lovely summer brie style bûche dusted on the exterior in a combination of sea salt and a blend of sweet, hot and smoked paprika decorated with edible flowers. A show-stopper to share at parties."

The Tea from Grateful Herbs is Hibiscus Infusion Herbal Infusion. "This delicious and beautiful blend is perfect for hot summer days and socially responsible picnics. It brews bright pink and is quite the eye-catching beverage. Hibiscus and spearmint both help cool the body while providing a refreshing and unique flavor. This is quite popular with my regulars this time of year. Contains the following organic ingredients: Hibiscus, Spearmint, Rooibos, Clove, Cinnamon"