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Farm Happenings for September 23, 2020

Posted on September 22nd, 2020 by Ben Saunders

Happy First Day of Fall!  The temperature doesn't necessary feel like Fall but the leaves are starting to change color to signify Fall is here.  Many apologies for sending out this email late but it has been a busy week for us as we are trying to get jobs done before the cooler weather arrives.

This week we've been continuing the Winter Squash harvesting!  We planted fewer plants this year and they got in a few weeks later than we planned on planting them but the harvests look good!  Winter Squash is one of my favorite vegetables to grow and also eat so this is always an exciting time for me!

In between harvesting the Winter Squash we've also been getting the greenhouse ready for next season.  So far we have been sanitizing all the planting materials (cell packs, flats, etc) as we had some serious disease pressure this year, mainly with peppers.  I've never experienced such problems before and I'm thinking it came in on seed but don't know for sure.  But to mitigate this happening in the future we are sanitizing everything!

The tomatoes are still producing pretty well but this will most likely be the last week for the Sungold Cherry Tomatoes.  The Purple Bumblebee and Black Cherry Cherry tomatoes still seem to be holding on so we are going to keep harvesting them.  The Full Size tomatoes took a pretty good hit but they still seem to want to produce for us!

Have a great week,

Farmer Ben and the Crew