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Farm Happenings for June 23, 2021

Posted on June 20th, 2021 by Ben Saunders

We are getting really excited looking at the extended forecast with potential rain and a temperature drop back to "normal" temperatures for this time of the year in the upcoming week.  The Crew has been coming in at 6am (or earlier)  this last week to "beet" the heat and get work done before it get's unbearably hot.  We're also thankful for the rain, we got 0.75" this morning, because our well now needs the control panel replaced after we replaced the pump and quit working yesterday.  Hopefully this will be done early tomorrow morning and we will get back to irrigating as planned!

This week we will be offering ala carte options for purchasing mushrooms from our friends at Bee Grateful Gardens!  Now that we are getting in the rhythm of packing shares we are going to start introducing the ala carte options from other local producers and personal friends of Farmer Ben's.  Over the next few weeks you will start seeing Young Ferments (a couple who makes amazing fermented products like Kimchi, pickles, etc), Fresh (with kale chips, raw juices, etc), Simple Life Farms (raw goat's milk hard cheeses), Mo'Rub (seasonings) and more being offered as add-ons to go with your Wabi Sabi Farm produce!

Now for the nuts and bolts of picking up your Share.  Each Share will have a label with your name on it and what you are receiving in your Share.  Since our Shares are customizable do not take a Share that doesn't have your name on it.   Please make sure to bring bags, boxes, etc. to transfer your Share from the totes we deliver them in.  I stop by the drop site the following morning to pick up the empty totes, they are expensive and we don't have many extras so are depending on you all to leave the totes at your respective pick up site!  The Share pick up time is between 4:30pm and 6pm on your scheduled delivery day.  The pick up locations are graciously letting us use their homes as pick up sites and we can't abuse their kindness!  The first 4 weeks of this season I will contact site hosts to see who hasn't picked up their shares by 6pm and give reminder calls.  The site hosts are not expected to refrigerate any shares not picked up for a later pick up time so please do not ring their door bells asking for your Share.  If you are running late to pick up your Share, please call or text me (515-745-9951) before 6pm.  I will contact the site host and let them know to leave your Share out.  If you already know you are going out of town or something on your pick up day you can always log into your account and place a hold on your Share as longs as it's done before 8am on the Tuesday of your delivery week.  I totally get that "life happens" and if you unexpectedly are unable to get your Share after 8am on a Tuesday but before 3pm on a Wednesday or Thursday (which ever your delivery day is) give me a call and I will keep your Share in our Walk-In Cooler for you to pick up at the Farm on an agreed upon day.

Have a great week,

Farmer Ben and the Crew