Farm Happenings at Val's Veggies
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Farm Happenings at Val's Veggies

It's Summer!

Posted on June 19th, 2020
CSA week 5 It's officially summer! We know this because the back of the gator is often full of fresh summer produce! We take great pride in the fact that our CSA members  receive produce that is picked the morning of the day that it's delivered! It's truly farm fresh!  It got up to 93 deg1 read more »

Farm Happenings for CSA week 4

Posted on June 19th, 2020
CSA week 4 It's taken us four weeks, but we finally took a picture of the variety of produce that is going in the CSA boxes. This time of year it's still mostly greens. Pretty soon there will be more pops of color from tomatoes (my favorite), peppers, etc..  The weather has been all over the p1 read more »

Farm Happenings for June 15, 2020

Posted on June 12th, 2020
Hi from the Veggie Patch, We finished planting the winter squash this week.  Now pumpkins will go in next week and hopefully the melons. The broccoli is starting to head sooo by next week we will have that starting.  Also some kholrabi.   The cherries are starting to ripen so we1 read more »

CSA week 2

Posted on June 5th, 2020
Greetings from the veggie patch, We made it through our first week of boxes without too many glitches.  So sorry for the forgotten eggs and slow delivery times.  I won't be applying for a pizza delivery job anytime soon!!!  Please remember to have a cooler or box for home deliveries.1 read more »