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CSA #2

Posted on June 4th, 2021 by Val Tachenko

I hope you are still enjoying the goodies in your first box.  I can't thank each of you enough for being part of our farm.  I feel humbled and excited to be able

to provide you with fresh veggies and fruits.  

The weather this week has been wild.  Not common for us to be 99 degrees the first of June.  The Chinese cabbage and bok choi is bolting already, but the zucchini 

and cucumbers are loving it.  

We have decided to consolidate delivery days because we just don't have enough employees to do otherwise.  So.... Baker City, Union, Haines, Cove and LaGrande will be on Tuesday

and Pendleton, The Governance Center, Wheatland Ins., and Hermiston will be on Thursday.  If you have any questions please let me know.

We have Rosie Rainer Cherries, and Early Chelan Cherries this week.  Also the first new crop Walla Walla Sweet onions!!  This year instead of offering these things as extras, you can use them as swap items in your share.  I am hoping this makes shopping easier.

For home deliveries please have a cooler to put your things in.

Have a great weekend


Val's Veggies