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End of the season, ode to the glorious winter slumber

Posted on November 18th, 2021 by Lilly Emendy

We've come to a close here at the Teaching Farm for the 2021 Fall season. The hours of sun available each day for our plants to photosynthesis and warm their roots is waning and we're harvesting our plants like it's their last chance to get into our Harvest Boxes and onto your dinner tables. This is your last share of the year! We will take the month of December to clean up from the season, rest, and begin to plan for the future of the farm. We may have some winter pop ups to take advantage of our winter hardy crops still in the ground, and if we do, we will send out a Harvie email with a link to purchase a one-time share.

Please note that this final share pick up is on MONDAYNovember 22nd. We are moving the pick up to MONDAY, November 22nd instead of Wednesday, November 24th, as it's the week of Thanksgiving we know many of you have alternative schedules and shopping needs that week. If Monday, 4-7p does not work for you, your share will be available in our cooler for 24/7 pick up after that point. Code is 1867. We will touch base about it again right before hand. ***For those of you with bread shares or who want to order a holiday loaf- those will be available separately on Wednesday after 2p (Jeff's weekly bake schedule is very set in stone). If you will not be available to pick up then and have pre-purchased a loaf, let me know and we can credit your account instead.*

Thank you all for supporting our work this year and enjoying the bounty alongside us! In spite of the transition our farm faces this next season, moving to a new location, we have felt so much love and excitement from our volunteers, student visitors, customers, and neighbors. Farming is a work of your whole body. It's physically demanding, mentally engaging, food for your soul, and nourishment for your heart. Speaking for myself, I feel fulfilled, humbled, and expanded by this work each and every day no matter how many irrigation leaks spring forth or rows of hardy greens our resident groundhogs destroy. Thank you for the opportunity to grow food for you and your families. It is an honor. 

In peace,