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If you want to support your local non-profit teaching farm and eat healthy, you can use the farm stand to purchase our vegetables and herbs. Once you sign up, you’ll continue to receive notifications when we have produce available. Thanks for your interest in the Urban Teaching Farm!

About us

The Urban Teaching Farm grows fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs on 1 acre of land in the Historic Warnersville neighborhood in Greensboro, NC. Our aim is to to be a financially, ecologically, and culturally sustainable farm so that we can improve access to fresh foods and provide learning opportunities in our community. Our desire is to reintroduce farming to young people so that they not only can grow their own food from their balcony but perhaps become farmers themselves.

End of the season, ode to the glorious winter slumber

Posted on November 18th 2021 by Lilly Emendy

We've come to a close here at the Teaching Farm for the 2021 Fall season. The hours of sun available each day for our plants to photosynthesis and warm their roots is waning and we're harvesting our plants like it's their last chance to get into our Harvest Boxes and onto your dinner tables. This is your last share of the year! We will take the month... read more »

Bok Choy
Collard Greens
Eggplant, Italian
Green Beans
Peppers, Sweet
Broccoli Raab
Dill Pickles
Paste Tomatoes
Salad Mix
Peas, Sugar Snap
Tomatoes, Cherry
Peppers, Hot
Squash, Summer
Baked Goods
Leaf Fennel, herb
Squash, Winter
Garlic Scapes
Salad Greens
Squash, Acorn
Squash, Kabocha
Sweet Potato
Hakurei Turnip
Squash, Honeynut
Squash, Delicata
Beet Greens
Beans, Fava
Eggplant, Asian
Bell Peppers, Green
Bell Peppers, Colored
Kale Flowers/Raab
Peppers, Jalapeno
Peppers, Anaheim
Stir Fry Mix
Peppers, Thai
Peppers, Poblano
Basil, Thai
Potatoes, Red
Potatoes, Purple
Mesclun Mix
Summer Savory
Green Tomatoes
Cabbage, Napa
Mustard Greens
Squash Blossoms
Broccoli Leaves
Daikon Radish
Spicy Salad Greens
Celery Leaf
Turnip Greens
Squash, Spaghetti
Braising Greens
Turnips, Salad
Squash, Butternut
Asian Greens
Red Onions
Potted Plant
Promotional Item
Vanilla Extract
Micro Greens
Granola, Blueberry Bliss, 8 ounce
Kale ‘blue scotch curled’ 6pck LIVE PLANTS
Fennel ‘Florence’ 4pck LIVE PLANTS
Thyme ‘summer’ single LIVE PLANT
Calendula ‘radio’, 4pck LIVE PLANT
Calendula ‘radio’, single LIVE PLANTS
Swiss chard ‘rainbow’ 4pck LIVE PLANTS
Rudbeckia ‘cherry brandy’ single LIVE PLANT
Echinacea ‘Cheyenne spirit’ single LIVE PLANTS
Collards ‘vates’ 6pck LIVE PLANTS
Parsley ‘giant of Italy’ single LIVE PLANT
Rosemary ‘primed’ single LIVE PLANT
Hollyhock ‘outhouse’, 6pck LIVE PLANT
Chives ‘common’ single LIVE PLANT
Microgreens, confetti radish blend
Baby Kale
Urban Teaching Farm Honey
Punchy Greens Mix
SALE Fennel 'florence' 4pk LIVE PLANT
Loose head Asian Cabbage ‘Tokyo Bekana’
Green garlic
SALE Swiss Chard 'rainbow' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
SALE kale/collards/chard 6pk LIVE PLANTS
SALE collards 'vates' 6 pk LIVE PLANTS
Rosemary 'primed' single LIVE PLANT
SALE Kale 'blue curled' 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Thyme 'summer' single LIVE PLANT
Oregano 'greek' single LIVE PLANT
Tomato 'sungold' single LIVE PLANT
Eggplant 'Triviata' single LIVE PLANT
Tomato 'sakura honey' single LIVE PLANT
Parsley 'giant of italy' single LIVE PLANT
Rudbeckia 'cherry brandy' single LIVE PLANT
Tomato 'bigdena' single LIVE PLANT
Dill 'bouquet' single LIVE PLANT
Echinacea 'cheyenne spirit' single LIVE PLANT
Lavender Hyssop single LIVE PLANT
Tomato 'black cherry' single LIVE PLANT
Chives 'common' single LIVE PLANT
Basil 'Genovese' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Breadservice Hour Sourdough
Syrup and More Elderberry syrup
PaleoLove Granola, 8oz
Fireweed Coffee House Blend 12oz
Pepper 'Carmen' single LIVE PLANT
Pepper 'Lunchbox' single LIVE PLANT
Pepper 'padron' single LIVE PLANT
PaleoLove Granola Blueberry Bliss 8 oz
Tomato 'bigdena' single, LIVE PLANT
PaleoLove Granola, Matcha Madness 8 oz
Tomato 'sunglod' single LIVE PLANT
PaleoLove Granola Sugar Free Golden 8 oz
Artichoke 'tavor' single LIVE PLANT
PaleoLove 'Blueberry Bliss' Granola 8oz
Summer Zucchini/Squash 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Spring Mix, lettuce blend
Breadservice House Sourdough
Poppy's Pickles
Microgreens, mild mix
Breadservice Public Pan Bread
Pepper 'lunchbox mix' single LIVE PLANT
Zinnia 'state fair' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Zinnia 'giant coral' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Sunflower 'Evening Colors' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Cucamelon 'mexican sour gherkin' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Lettuce head 'red cross'
Patty Pan Squash 'Scallopini' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Gourd 'apple' 4pk LIVE PLANT
Cucumber 'lemon' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Cucumber 'Straight 8' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Zinnia 'red scarlet' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
mini romaine lettuce heads 'dragoon'
Nasturtium 'black velvet' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Cucumber mix 'tendergreen burpless/boston' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Tomato 'tommy top' single LIVE PLANT
Tomato 'Brad's Atomic Grape' single LIVE PLANTS
Tomato 'German PInk' single LIVE PLANT
SALE Dill ‘bouquet’ single LIVE PLANT
Bachelor Button 'polka dot mix' single LIVE PLANT
Baby mustard greens
Basil, Thai ‘cardinal’
Baby mustard greens
Lettuce, butterhead ‘skyphos’
Lettuce, butterhead ‘skyphos’
Basil, Thai ‘cardinal’
Basil, 'purple opal'
Basil, Italian ‘genovese’
Lettuce, romaine ‘Salvius’
Eggplant ‘Fairy Tale’, single LIVE PLANT
Lettuce, butterhead ‘Red Cross’
Lettuce, summer crisp ‘Cherokee’
Fireweed coffee Nicuragua
Fireweed Coffee Costa Rica, single origin
Padron Peppers
Roasting Turnip Medley
Tomato ‘Garden Peach’ single LIVE PLANT
Sunflower ‘Mongolian giant’ 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Sunflower ‘Tarahumara white seeded’ 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Tithonia ‘mexican sunflower’ 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Pepper ‘purple beauty’ single LIVE PLANT
power greens mix (chard/kale/beet greens mix)
Cherry Tomatoes 'sungold'
Pea Shoots
SALE Pepper 'carmen' single LIVE PLANT
Green Garlic (fresh)
Cherry Tomatoes
PaleoLove Granola 'Carrot Cake', 8oz
Sunflower Bouquet
Cucumber mix 'pickling/tasty green' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Watermelon mix 'crimson sweet/sugar baby' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Day/Night Flower Mix 'Cardinal Climber/Moon Flower' 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Zinnia Mix 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Blanket Flower 4pk LIVE PLANTS
Zinnia mix 3pk
Sweet ‘lunchbox’ pepper
Sweet ‘carmen’ Pepper
‘Anaheim’ Pepper, single LIVE PLANT
‘Chinese 5 Color’ Pepper, single LIVE PLANT
‘Carolina cayenne’ Pepper, single LIVE PLANT
Thai Roselle Hibiscus single LIVE PLANT
‘Jalapeño’ pepper, single LIVE PLANT
‘Pueblo’ Chile, single LIVE PLANT
‘Thai Dragon’ pepper, single LIVE PLANT
Garlic Braid ‘Inchelium Red’
Beets, loose roots, 2lb
Zucchini ‘dark green’
Elderberry Syrup, 8oz
Collard Seedlings, 4-pack
Rudbeckia seedlings, 6-pack
PaleoLove Granola, Carrot Cake 8oz
Pickling cucumbers
Sweet Potato Greens
Jalapeno Peppers (SHU 6,000)
Carolina Cayenne (SHU 120,000)
Basil, Thai BULK (1 gallon bag)
Basil, Italian BULK (1 gallon bag)
Poppy's Pickles, X-HOT
Breadwitch Strawberry & Basil Jam, 4oz
Fireweed Coffee, whole bean 12oz
Poppy's Pickles, HOT
Tokyo Bekana 6pk LIVE PLANTS
BULK Carolina Cayenne (SHU 120,000)
Breadwitch Cranberry Jam, 4oz
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
Chicken Eggs
Eggplant, mix
Winter Squash, Acorn 'Honey Bear"
Lettuce mix, 4-pack LIVE PLANTS
Scallions 'parade', 6 pack LIVE PLANTS
Broken Bones Farm Chicken Quarters (bone-in, with skin) pair
Broken Bones Farm Chicken Eggs
Broken Bones Farm Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless) pair
Radish “French breakfast”
Scallions ‘Nebuchan’ 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Collards ‘Flash’ 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Broccoli ‘Green Magic’ 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Kale ‘Winterbor’ 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Fennel ‘Orazio’ 6pk LIVE PLANTS
Fireweed Coffee
Lavender 'Purple Elegance' single LIVE PLANT
Lettuce head, variety
Calendula 'Alpha' single LIVE PLANT
Foxglove 'Camelot Mix' single LIVE PLANT
Thai Roselle Hibiscus
Pac Choy 'Mei Qing'
Delicata winter squash, little
Broken Bones Farm Medium Whole Chicken (3.5-4.5 lbs.)
Broken Bones Farm Small Whole Chicken (under 3.5 lbs.)
Pac Choy 'Purple Lady'
Fireweed Coffee Light Roast 12oz, whole bean
Fireweed Coffee, Dark Roast 12oz, whole bean
Fireweed Coffee Medium Roast 12oz, whole beans
Pie Pumpkin 'Baby Pam'
Green Peppers, ‘Carmen’
Pac choi ‘purple lady’ 4pk LIVE PLANTS
mini lettuce heads, 'salanova'
Baby bok choy ‘purple lady’
Breadservice House Sourdough WEDNESDAY PICKUP
Breadservice Pan Loaf WEDNESDAY PICKUP