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Farm Tour Tomorrow (SAT) 2-4p!

Posted on October 22nd, 2021 by Becca Waegerle

Hello all,

Tomorrow (Saturday) from 2-4 we will be hosting a Farm Tour for anyone and everyone! It's free to attend, there will be a pop-up stand with some extra veggies form the week, and we hope you can make it! You know us, we love to wander the farm, sharing about the trials and tribulations of the growing season, nibbling on roots, shoots, and flowers along the way. Masks are not required, but welcomed if you prefer, and we will be outside the whole time, so bring a hat if it's sunny!


Hope you enjoy the bounty this week: Sweet potatoes and scallions are in! Our seasoned groundhog family is making a fool of us with the kale this year, so only 1 bunch is going into boxes this week! It's our version of the Golden Ticket! Except, this time you win an exclusive edible bunch of kale. 


*Special note to our Breadservice Sourdough subscribers, Jeff and his family needed to make an important family trip this next week, so we will be unable to fulfill your regular bread orders. We will reach out to each of you with alternative options before pick up.*


Eat well everyone,