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Happy roots and big updates for the Teaching Farm

Posted on October 8th, 2021 by Lilly Emendy
Big update for all of our farm family: The Urban Teaching Farm is moving in June 2022. Over the last several years, we have enjoyed and been honored to cultivate the historic land in Warnersville at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Thanks to the support of our farm family we have produced thousands of pounds of fresh produce, invited and had shared learning experiences with hundreds of volunteers of all ages. As the farm has grown, we've realized that Out of the Garden Project and Prince of Peace have different objectives for a farm. As such, our Urban Teaching Farm will relocate in June 2022. A search is underway now for the perfect space and rest assured service learning will always be a focus of our energy no matter our location. We will continue our Harvest Box program through the Spring season next year and will keep you all in the loop of the next evolution of this farm project. 
Hope you enjoy this week's bounty- I heard amazing things about Amy's arugula dip at the Southside porch pick up last week- yum!
I (Lilly) will be taking the week off next week so if you have any questions or concerns that need immediate attention, reach out to Becca Waegerle, our brilliant farm manager at
Keep growing,
Lilly and the team